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Goddess Kiara is a foodie and she likes to eat good food. But she felt that this guy did not try to prepare the kind of food she expected from him. That is why she went out of her way to punish him by crushing his food and then having him eat it. She also crushed him and trampled him with the same boots to make him learn his lesson.

Lady Anja realized that this slave had never been punished before and she wanted to warn him before she did it. The mistress went ahead to take a banana and crush it while he watched. She then told him that that would be him and especially his dick and his nuts if he did not stop the nonsense he did that angered her. He was scared shitless and he obeyed her.

These mistresses had eaten a lot of bananas and when their mother gave them some more bananas, they just got pissed and since they could not refuse them to her face, they took them and went outside. They then crushed them with their flip flops and made a mess. They did not want to smell or taste any bananas for a while. Then they went back to the house and pretended they had eaten them.

Princess Serena did not like the food her slave had prepared. He had baked a cake for her and it was nice and moist but it was not as tasty as she had hoped it would be. The mistress was so pissed and she expressed her frustration on it by crushing it with her high heels. She did it in his presence for him to see it and rectify the problem.

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