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This mistress did not like the cheeseburger she had been brought and she was so disappointed that she crushed it with her bare feet. She did not hesitate to crush them with her bare feet as she loved to crush and immediately she was pissed, she automatically found herself crushing it. And she then fed it all to the guy who had brought it for him to know which sort of cheeseburger to bring her.

This mistress got home and she had nothing better to do. As she looked for what to do, she could tell that her bananas were about to go bad. And since she did not feel like eating them, she felt it was easier for her to have fun with them instead of eating them. That is why she chose to crush them with her bare feet and then ask her slave to clean up.

This mistress came home expecting a gourmet meal but all she found was pizza and she did not like that. She was trying to cut down on junk eating and that was what pissed her off. She had to express her anger somehow and she did it by crushing the pizza with her bare feet and she made a huge mess of it. Then she asked her chef to eat it from her feet.

Lady Sandy had beef with her boyfriend and she took the chocolates he had bought her and she crushed them on the television screen with her bare feet. She created a mess on the screen which was also cracked and destroyed. She did it because part of their argument was about the television. So she managed to solve the problem with what she did but she had no idea that that was what would make her problem go away.

Mistress Lena knew that her boyfriend was watching what she did and she wanted him to get the message without him saying anything. She also did not want to make it too obvious so she only used a banana to do it. She crushed the banana using her high heels as well as her bare feet before she walked away and left the mess there. The boyfriend got the message and he even cleaned up the mess.

This slave was picky about the food he wanted to eat and the mistress did not like that behavior. She had to teach him to eat what was given to him. So the mistresses took some grape fruits which they knew he did not like and the crushed them before making him lick the juice from their feet. He was humiliated but he had no choice other than to do as told.

Mistress Emely wanted to humiliate her slave so she had him make some pastries and when he was done, she pretended she did not like how they tasted. All she wanted was to crush them and then humiliate him with them. She crushed the food with her bare feet and when she was done, she got him to lick them from the soles of her feet as well as from the floor.

Lady Vampira caged her slave in order to get the truth from him. She wanted to make him feel pain by getting him cramped in the little cage. She then gave him her dirty feet and told him to lick them. He did as she wanted and next, she gave him food she had crushed with her feet to eat. He even had to eat it off her bare feet.

This mistress caught her boyfriend kissing another girl and she was mad. He bought her chocolate to say sorry but she was still mad so she crushed the chocolate with her bare feet and created a mess. She did not want to eat it so she took out her anger on it as she crushed it. He was lucky he was not around as she would have made him eat it from her feet.

This mistress has a thing for crushing food. She has a timetable for the kind of food she can crush. Today she was crushing bananas. She not only wanted to crush the bananas, but she also wanted to use the bananas to punish her slave. That is what she did and she made sure that her slave licked the bananas from her feet as well as ate them from the floor.

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