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When this mistress noticed that this guy she despised wanted to eat the food she had bought, she had to spite him and she did this by crushing the food as he watched. He was hungry and it hurt him watching her destroy the food then dare him to eat it from the floor. He nearly cried as she did so but she did not give a damn about what he felt.

Lady Scarlet loves to crush and she crushed food today using her bare feet. The mistress did it because she knew that she had the time. So she did not waste any time in doing it. By the time she was done doing her thing, the mistress had created a huge mess in the process. But she was not bothered about it as her slave was on hand to clean up.

Goddess Tijana was bored in the house and in an effort to have fun, she found herself crushing things. Her favorite by far was crushing toys and food. She concentrated on the food on because it seemed better for her and it created a bigger mess as she wanted her slave to go and clean up after her. Besides helping her kill time, it was also to punish her slave.

Lady Sandy was bored and she did not know what to do with all the time she had. So she tried to look for interesting things to do online and that is when she came across food crush fetish. She liked the idea so she went to her pantry and she got out the foods that were there and she crushed them for fun. She started with bananas before she went to the other foods.

This guy angered this mistress and she did not like what she had seen from him and what he had done. So she used her food crush fetish to torture him and turn him into a loser. The mistress went ahead to force him to lick her feet and to do other humiliating things as punishment before she was done with him. He had no say in any of it.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friend mistress Kasha wanted to torture this guy because he was not well behaved. They had to teach him never to piss her off again and so they used cake to do it. They stepped on the cake and they trampled it before they asked him to eat it from their feet. And before they were done, the mistresses had him lick the floor as well.

Goddess Mila was angered by the things her boyfriend had been doing that she was so mad at him that he had to buy her cake to try and appease her. But she was so pissed that she did not think the cake was enough. In fact, she took it from him and she crushed it using her high heels as he watched. That was when he knew he had fucked up.

Miss Eagle had taken too much candy and she did not like it. She felt that she needed to stop but since she still had many left, she embarked on trampling them and crushing them since they would be dirty as she was doing it with her boots and she would not eat them after that. She threw them away and that is how she finished the candy in the house.

Mistress Lena knew that her boyfriend was watching what she did and she wanted him to get the message without him saying anything. She also did not want to make it too obvious so she only used a banana to do it. She crushed the banana using her high heels as well as her bare feet before she walked away and left the mess there. The boyfriend got the message and he even cleaned up the mess.

Mistress Akasha likes to try all manner of fetishes for the purposes of having fun and that is what she did today. She went out and she bought some food which she later crushed for her own fun and enjoyment. The mistress made a huge mess in the process but she was not worried about it as she was able to get someone else to clean it up for her.

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