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Mistress Lea wanted to crush the food she had caught this loser eating. She did not like that he ate while he had not done any of what she had asked him to do for her. The angry mistress used her foot wear to punish as well as humiliate him. So she took the food from him and she crushed it before she made him eat the remainder from her footwear.

Mistress Jacky did not like the things she had seen her slave do and she wanted him to change. She knew he had a good appetite so she took some food and she crushed it with her boots and she gave it to him to eat. He had to eat from her boots and also from the ground. He had no choice but to eat all of it and that is how he learned his lesson.

This mistress felt that she needed to do something to this loser. And that is why she chose to scare the shit out of him. The mistress used her boots to crush some apples and she warned him that if he was not careful, she would do the same to him. The mistress could see he was scared shitless and she knew that her scare tactic had worked as intended.

Lady B was not going to let this loser escape punishment for preparing bad food for her. She crushed it with her high heels and she made a mess on the floor. She then made the loser eat the food from both the floor as well as from her bare feet. She also had him eat some of it from her high heels before she let him go and learn to make better food.

Mistress Patricia was not pleased with what she had seen from this loser. She had given him a task which he had convinced her that he was very qualified to do. She then found out he was not and she was mad. She punished him by crushing some food with her boots and making him eat it. He had no choice but to eat the food from the floor as well as from the soles of her boots.

This mistress coked some delicious turkey but instead of eating it, she crushed it and she made a mess. She knew her slave loved her turkey so she made it and she let him enjoy the aroma. But he was shocked when she crushed the turkey with her hands and her feet. She then forced him to eat it from her hands and her feet. He also had to eat the rest of it from the floor.

Goddess Chanel was not happy with the state of affairs in her house. She had found the house clean but not to her standards. She took out some bread and she crushed it with her high heels. She created a mess not only for her slave to clean, but also to punish him by forcing him to eat the bread from the floor. The poor guy had no choice but to eat it.

Goddess Chanel was angry at her boyfriend and she went for a walk to clear her mind. As she walked, she had a box of chocolate which her boyfriend had bought for her. She threw it down and she crushed it with her high heel boots. She destroyed it and made sure there was nothing left of it by the time she was done crushing it. She felt better and went back home.

Lady B loves cake but she had developed cavities that made it hard for her to enjoy her cake. As she tried to eat the cake that was in the fridge, she felt so much pain that she took the cake and she sat on it. She crushed it with her ass as well as with her high heels. She was mad at it for giving her such an amount of pain.

Madame Marissa loves to crush fruits. While other mistresses prefer to crush slaves, others vegetables and others toys, she prefers fruits. She likes to create a fruit cocktail on the floor by crushing bananas, oranges, apples and passion. She then calls her slave and has him eat the rich cocktail from her feet as well as from the floor. The slave never has a choice whether to eat or not.

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