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When lady Stefanie is bored, she likes to do some crazy things. Today was one such day and she had a great time crushing food for fun. She bought some donuts and she used her feet to crush them after barely biting them. It was fun and she was even recording the whole thing to enjoy it later on. It was the cleaning up after herself that she did not enjoy.

Goddess Chanel does not like food overstaying in her fridge. Her slave was fond of that and she was pissed that it happened at her house. She had to teach him a lesson she knew he would understand so she took the food she suspected was more than a day old in the fridge and she crushed it with her high heels and she left it on the floor for him to eat and to clean.

Goddess Chanel took some chips and popcorn and she crushed them together. She used her high heels to do it. She did it on her backyard and she created a huge mess. She then called her slave and made him eat the floor from the ground. He had no choice but to do it. She laughed as she watched him do it and she even planned to do it again.

Goddess Chanel had crushed stuff before but she had never crushed food before. So she went out and she tried to crush strawberries. She crushed them outside the house so that even if she created a mess, she would not have to clean it herself. Besides it was about to rain and the rain would wash it for her. She loved to crush but she hated cleaning up after she was done.

Goddess Chanel did not like the breadrolls she saw in her house. They were stale and she prefers to eat fresh food. Her slave was not in the house so she could not punish him. She took the bread and she crushed it with her high heels and she messed the floor with it. She then left it there for her slave to find and she wrote him a note warning him not to keep stale food in her house.

Goddess Chanel did not have much to do today. It was a free day and she quickly ran out of things to do. She did not feel like sleeping or going out. So in her boredom, she found herself crushing food for fun. She crushed some candies she had and she created a mess but she did not care. She had given her slave some time off but when he came back, he would have some work to do.

Goddess Chanel was on her way out of the house when she found someone had dropped some apples. She did not pick them up but she could not let them be. She crushed them with her high heels and she created a mess then she left. She called her slave and told him to go out and clean the mess she had created. When she went back in the evening, she found he had cleaned it up.

Goddess Chanel was not happy with the state of affairs in her house. She had found the house clean but not to her standards. She took out some bread and she crushed it with her high heels. She created a mess not only for her slave to clean, but also to punish him by forcing him to eat the bread from the floor. The poor guy had no choice but to eat it.

Goddess Chanel was dared with her friend to crush food using her high heels. She agreed to it. She was meant to crush it and then feed it to her slave. Her friend told her because she knew Goddess Chanel never liked to be cruel to her slave. It was pretty difficult for her since her slave had not done anything to deserve it. She however did it but later on she compensated the slave by paying him for the torture.

Goddess Chanel was angry at her boyfriend and she went for a walk to clear her mind. As she walked, she had a box of chocolate which her boyfriend had bought for her. She threw it down and she crushed it with her high heel boots. She destroyed it and made sure there was nothing left of it by the time she was done crushing it. She felt better and went back home.

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