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Mistress Lea was bored at home and she had to occupy herself with something in order to stop the boredom. So she used her boots to crush food and she did it for fun. She did not have a lot of hopes in it being entertaining but it was and she was surprised by how it turned out. The mistress loved it and it became a regular thing for him.

Mistress Angela wanted to give her slave the fruit salad he had asked for. S she took some fruits, placed them on the floor and she crushed them with her high heels. She then invited him to come and get a taste of the salad he wanted. He was shocked but she did not let him get over his shock before he had to eat the fruits from the floor and from her feet.

This mistress was out to crush grapes because she did not like them. Her boyfriend had bought them because he loved them but he did not stop to ask her whether she did. She did not say anything. She just waited for him to leave and she crushed them and destroyed them all. When he asked, she said that she had eaten them but she asked him not to buy more.

Goddess Kiffa tried to get her son to stop eating candy but she could not. She had no other way to do it other than to make sure they were not there. So she crushed them with her feet when he was asleep and when he woke up he found there was no candy. She had crushed them and then thrown them away and pretended she did not know what had happened to them.

Mistress Gaia wanted her new slave to know the kind of boss she was and why he did not want to be on her bad side. The mistress chose to send a message by forcing him to watch as she crushed a banana and tomatoes. The tomatoes represented his balls and the banana his dick. He was shocked and scared but at least the message was home and he never messed with her.

This mistress knew that crushing bananas with her feet looked gross especially the final product but she wanted to make it as sexy as she could and then have her husband eat it from her feet. Being an adventurous mistress she gave herself that challenge so she stripped and seductively crushed the banana with her sexy feet and it looked naughtier than it would have otherwise been had she been fully clothed. And she asked her husband to lick the banana from her feet as it would turn her on. She did not need to ask twice.

Mistress Krush loves to enhance her skills in things she likes. She loves food crushing and she was at it again today but instead of using it to punish a slave, she was doing it to enhance her skills so that she would be even better at it. By the time she was done, she had managed to gain new skills and she could not wait to use them on a loser.

Lady B was so mad she had to find a way to get rid of her anger. She did not want to take it out on someone who did not deserve it so she took it out on a sausage she saw in her kitchen. She did not care that her slave was about to eat it. She crushed and trampled it until there was nothing left of it and no one would have guessed it was sausage.

This mistress felt that her slave was getting too comfortable for her liking. She had to tame him and she did something towards that by forcing him to watch as she crushed food. She warned him that if he was not careful, she would make him eat the food she had crushed and that in future, she would crush him the way she had crushed the food. He got scared and changed.

Madame Marissa used her boots to crush food for fun. The mistress had never done it before but because it was her food and it was her house, she chose to crush them for fun. And she created a mess as she did it because she knew she would have a loser clean up the mess after her. That is why she gave it her all and enjoyed the moment.

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