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Madame Marissa wanted this slave to feel her wrath and she did this by crushing food with her boots as he watched and then made him eat that food. The mistress did not care what the guy felt or wanted and she knew that what she was doing was necessary to punish him and get him to do what she wanted which was to change his ways. He had no choice but to change.

Mistress Lea was bored at home and she had to occupy herself with something in order to stop the boredom. So she used her boots to crush food and she did it for fun. She did not have a lot of hopes in it being entertaining but it was and she was surprised by how it turned out. The mistress loved it and it became a regular thing for him.

When lady Stefanie is bored, she likes to do some crazy things. Today was one such day and she had a great time crushing food for fun. She bought some donuts and she used her feet to crush them after barely biting them. It was fun and she was even recording the whole thing to enjoy it later on. It was the cleaning up after herself that she did not enjoy.

Lady Shay did not want to take out her anger on someone. That is why she took it out on this loser. She was sure that it was easier and cheaper to take out her anger on food than on someone who most likely would not be deserving of it. The mistress did it in the house and she was so engrossed in it that she did not notice when the anger disappeared.

This mistress loves crushing things and she wanted to record what she did so as to find out whether they made similar sounds or not. Today she crushed tomatoes with her bare feet and as she did so, she had a microphone ready and recording as she did it. It was a high quality one that picked even the smallest of sounds as she wanted it to be as accurate as possible.

This mistress wanted to spite her slave so she looked around and saw that he had done all the things he was supposed to do. So she went ahead to take out some food and she crushed it on the floor to make a mess for him to clean. She crushed bananas and made a huge mess on her socks and on the floor and she had them both cleaned.

Lady Asmodina was angered by her boyfriend. She had grapes in her hand as she was talking to him on phone. When she was done with the phone, she threw them down and she crushed them with her boots. She did it out of anger because of what he had told her that had pissed her off. He was lucky he was not around as he would have experienced what the fruits experienced.

Mistress Dana was bored in the house and she wanted to have a little fun. So she went to her kitchen and she took out some food and she crushed it with her bare feet. She did not care that she had made a huge mess in the process as she knew that she had someone who was going to take care of that issue for her. So she concentrated on enjoying herself.

This mistress had food which was nearly going bad and she did not want to throw it away. She wondered what she could do with it as she did not want to eat all of it. The mistress found out about food crush clips and he loved it as he now knew what to do with it. She tried her hand at food crush fetish and she had fun destroying all the food she did not need.

Lady B went and bought bananas and she used them to dominate her slave. He loved to eat fruits so he did not suspect anything when he saw her buying lots of bananas. But she summoned him to her torture chambers and she crushed the bananas before she asked him to eat them from her boots. He had no choice but to eat them as it was an order not a request.

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