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Madame Marissa likes to crush things for fun. Today she was crushing food to send a message because she felt that she was dealing with someone who needed to be taught a lesson. But she was not ready to do anything until the person had understood that she could beat the shit out of him. So she proved it to him by crushing food while he watched what she did.

Madame Marissa used her boots to crush food for fun. The mistress had never done it before but because it was her food and it was her house, she chose to crush them for fun. And she created a mess as she did it because she knew she would have a loser clean up the mess after her. That is why she gave it her all and enjoyed the moment.

Madame Marissa went and bought a lot of cakes. She bought about 30 cakes and the person selling thought she had a big celebration. But the truth was that she wanted to crush them for fun. She had never crushed that many before and she wanted to set a record for herself. She had a great time crushing them and when she was done, she made her slave eat the crushed cakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Madame Marissa was anxious and whenever she is anxious, she likes to do some crazy things. There is no telling what she can do. But today she went to the kitchen and she threw away some food on the floor. And then she walked on it and crushed it creating a mess in the kitchen in the process. But it helped to calm her down from the nervous wreck she was earlier.

Madame Marissa filled her shoes with chocolate-covered marshmallows. She then put on the shoes and she created a mess as she crushed them. She loved the sight of what she had done and then she summoned her slave and asked him to lick her feet, her shoes and the floor clean. The slave was horrified but he did not have a choice. He licked them all clean but it took him an hour to do so.

Madame Marissa did not like what she had seen her slave do. Her slave was fond of hiding food and then pretending that it was finished. She would then give him money to go and buy more and he would keep the money and use the food he had hidden. She was not going to accept that crap and she crushed some of the food he had hidden and she made him eat it from her boots as well as from the floor.

Madame Marissa does not like gummy bears. Her friend came to visit her and came with a lot of them without knowing that she did not like them. She pretended she had no problem with them but when her friend left, she crushed them as she had no use for them. She used her boots to crush and destroy them. At least she had fun crushing them and that was when she realized that food crush can be quite an interesting activity.

Madame Marissa loves crushing but she had never crushed food before. She chose to use her ass to crush chocolate marshmallows and that is what she did. She took them and placed them on a table and she had fun crushing them with her butt. Her ass was covered in marshmallow but she had a lot of fun doing it and she loved it so much that she did it again and again.

Madame Marissa normally crushes stuff with her feet or her hands. But today she wanted to do it with her ass. She was crushing food so she figured it would not be hard to crush them with her ass especially since they were bananas. She made sure they were ripe and she placed them on a chair and she sat on them. She smothered them and created a paste. But she was not done. She went ahead to crush them with her bare feet.

Madame Marissa took two croissants and she placed them in her boots. She then crushed them with her feet as she walked in her boots. She created a mess which she forced her slave to lick and eat. She did not give him a chance to say no. She watched him eat it and it was the funniest thing she had seen all week. It was so good she had to do it again.

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