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Goddess Mila was angered by the things her boyfriend had been doing that she was so mad at him that he had to buy her cake to try and appease her. But she was so pissed that she did not think the cake was enough. In fact, she took it from him and she crushed it using her high heels as he watched. That was when he knew he had fucked up.

This mistress knew that crushing bananas with her feet looked gross especially the final product but she wanted to make it as sexy as she could and then have her husband eat it from her feet. Being an adventurous mistress she gave herself that challenge so she stripped and seductively crushed the banana with her sexy feet and it looked naughtier than it would have otherwise been had she been fully clothed. And she asked her husband to lick the banana from her feet as it would turn her on. She did not need to ask twice.

Lady Sabrina tried to bake a cake but it did not come out as intended. She was pissed but she knew she did not have a choice but to start all over again. And that is what she did at the end of the day. The mistress chose to crush the cake and make her slave eat it from the soles of her Birkenstock sandals. That made up for the disappointment she felt earlier.

Madame Marissa used her boots to crush food for fun. The mistress had never done it before but because it was her food and it was her house, she chose to crush them for fun. And she created a mess as she did it because she knew she would have a loser clean up the mess after her. That is why she gave it her all and enjoyed the moment.

Madame Marissa went and bought a lot of cakes. She bought about 30 cakes and the person selling thought she had a big celebration. But the truth was that she wanted to crush them for fun. She had never crushed that many before and she wanted to set a record for herself. She had a great time crushing them and when she was done, she made her slave eat the crushed cakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mistress Sophia and her boyfriend were at a picnic. They had gone there in an effort to mend their strained relationship. But they just could not do it and they had to argue again. She got so pissed that she kicked all the food that was laid out for them to eat. She destroyed everything that was there both food and drink. And that brought their picnic to an early end.

This mistress has a sexy ass and her boyfriend adores it. Today she wanted to be a little naughty. So she crushed cake with her ass and she let some of it get to her pussy as well. She then went to the bedroom and she told her boyfriend to lick the cake off of her ass and her pussy and he did it. He actually loved it and it led to great orgasms.

Madame Svea did not like how this cake tasted. She had asked her slave to make her one and when he did, it tasted funny. She could not eat it and had to destroy it and then make him make another one. She crushed it with her boots and she even made him eat some of it from the ground and from the soles of her boots. He made sure he baked a better one.

Lady B loves cake and she bought a lot of cake to enjoy as she took a bath in her hot tub. But before she got into the water, she decided to taste the cake and find out which one was better than the other so that she could enjoy it last. She found out all of them tasted bad and she knew she could not eat them. She was mad and crushed them. She sat on both cakes and destroyed them.

Lady B and lady Samira were rejoicing what had happened to them earlier in the day. They had won a competition they were involved in and had bought food to celebrate. The mistresses were so happy that instead of eating the cake, they found themselves crushing it with their high heels and creating a mess on the floor. They did not mind it since they knew they could get a slave or a loser to clean it.

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