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Lady Scarlet needed to have some fun and she felt like she had to do something she had never done. That is why she chose to crush food as she had never done it before. In addition, the mistress was sure that it would help her humiliate her slave as he would have to clean up after her, something she was sure he would not like to do or would not do happily.

Goddess Joana found her slave doing the very things she had asked him not to do. The mistress went ahead to use her food crush fetish to send him a message for him to know that that behavior would not be tolerate any longer by the mistress. He was told that if he did not stop, he would be crushed and trampled the way she had done to the food.

Lady Isla loves to try new things because she is a free spirit. She gets bored easily too. That is why she set out to enjoy something new and she settled on trying food crush fetish. She wore her boots and took a walk to the woods and to the farms where she saw certain kids of food and she crushed them. It was fun and it was also an exercise.

Mistress Penelopa had too much time on her hands and she wanted something to do to keep herself busy. That is why she chose to use her food crush to pass time. She wore her boots and she used them to crush some of the food she had in the house. It was a lot of fun for her and she was able to kill some time, something she was dying to do.

Mistress Cassandra wanted to scare this guy and she did so using bananas. She took them and crushed them as he watched. And then she described how she wanted to do the same to his balls in the event he ever pissed her off. And the guy got scared and made sure that he never angered her as he knew what would happen to him if he ever did so.

When lady Stefanie is bored, she likes to do some crazy things. Today was one such day and she had a great time crushing food for fun. She bought some donuts and she used her feet to crush them after barely biting them. It was fun and she was even recording the whole thing to enjoy it later on. It was the cleaning up after herself that she did not enjoy.

This mistress was out to crush grapes because she did not like them. Her boyfriend had bought them because he loved them but he did not stop to ask her whether she did. She did not say anything. She just waited for him to leave and she crushed them and destroyed them all. When he asked, she said that she had eaten them but she asked him not to buy more.

Mistress Diana was too angry and she wanted to take out her anger on some food she had. She did it so as not to take out her anger on someone who did not deserve it. And she succeeded in her quest as she felt better after she had crushed the food with her feet although she ended up creating a huge mess on the kitchen floor in the process.

Miss Eagle had taken too much candy and she did not like it. She felt that she needed to stop but since she still had many left, she embarked on trampling them and crushing them since they would be dirty as she was doing it with her boots and she would not eat them after that. She threw them away and that is how she finished the candy in the house.

This mistress loves to crush things with her bare feet and today was one of those days for her. She had time on her hands and she did not waste it. She used her bare feet to trample some fruits. It was a lot of fun for her although she got her feet dirty in the process. However, she did not mind as the fun she had in the process was worth it.

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