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Lady Irisa knew that this guy had to be dominated for him to stop messing with food and playing with it. Since he did not respond to lady Irisa's concerns, he had to be punished and the mistress chose to use her boots to punish him. He was cruelly humiliated and even made to eat the food she had crushed. He was then asked to lick her mud before she was done with him.

Princess Amorela wanted to piss her boyfriend and she did it in a way he never expected her to do it. The mistress had him watch as she crushed food in the house. He could not believe that she did what he was watching her do. She created a mess in the process and she had the audacity to ask him to clean up after her. He did it even though he did not feel like it.

Madame Marissa likes to crush things for fun. Today she was crushing food to send a message because she felt that she was dealing with someone who needed to be taught a lesson. But she was not ready to do anything until the person had understood that she could beat the shit out of him. So she proved it to him by crushing food while he watched what she did.

When this mistress came home and realized that she had been lied to yet again by her man, she was so angry that she took out some bananas which were within reach and crushed them. She did it instinctively. It was not planned. She made a mess of it and when her man came home, she made him eat the crushed bananas and clean up after her and then pay for his lies.

These mistresses were new to crush fetish. They wanted to learn the ins and outs so that they could try it on a slave or a loser. They took out some apples and they had fun crushing and destroying them. The mistresses did it over several days and when they got the hang of it, they now set their sights on trampling a guy and they were excited as they hunted for someone to crush.

Mistress Penelopa had too much time on her hands and she wanted something to do to keep herself busy. That is why she chose to use her food crush to pass time. She wore her boots and she used them to crush some of the food she had in the house. It was a lot of fun for her and she was able to kill some time, something she was dying to do.

This mistress had a lot on her mind and she wanted to clear her mind. She wanted a quiet place so she went to the forest. As she walked, she could see things she wanted to crush and soon she started to focus on crushing them and forgot about what she was thinking about. It was a good thing for her as by the time she was done crushing the things, she had cleared her mind.

Mistress Emely was at home when she suddenly felt like crushing food. She had always done it with her feet but today since she was home alone and she was in her thong, she chose to do it with her hot ass. The mistress sat on the French rolls with her hot ass and she loved flattening them and the feeling she had on her ass as she did it.

This mistress does not like people who do not toe the line. This new slave did not and he had to be punished. The mistress used her food crush fetish to teach him a lesson. The guy was humiliated as the mistress took a piece of cake and she crushed it with her boots then had him eat it from her soles. In addition, he had to eat it from the floor.

Miss Eagle had taken too much candy and she did not like it. She felt that she needed to stop but since she still had many left, she embarked on trampling them and crushing them since they would be dirty as she was doing it with her boots and she would not eat them after that. She threw them away and that is how she finished the candy in the house.

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