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Mistress Dula felt that she would go insane if she did not find something fun to do. She was very bored and had to make sure she entertained herself without having to go out. So she wore her Christmas outfit and then she took out the Christmas balls and crushed them. She did it for fun and although it was out of frustration at first, she realized it was a lot of fun for her.

Lady Isla loves to try new things because she is a free spirit. She gets bored easily too. That is why she set out to enjoy something new and she settled on trying food crush fetish. She wore her boots and took a walk to the woods and to the farms where she saw certain kids of food and she crushed them. It was fun and it was also an exercise.

When this mistress noticed that she was dealing with a slave who was not serious, she had to change things and make sure he learned that she was not going to let him have his way. He had to be punished and she did so using her food crush fetish. She forced him to eat the food she had crushed. And he had watched as she crushed it with her feet.

Lady Sandy had beef with her boyfriend and she took the chocolates he had bought her and she crushed them on the television screen with her bare feet. She created a mess on the screen which was also cracked and destroyed. She did it because part of their argument was about the television. So she managed to solve the problem with what she did but she had no idea that that was what would make her problem go away.

Mistress Morikawa had made food for her boyfriend but he did not eat it. He just left and did not touch anything yet she had woken up early to prepare breakfast for him. She was so angry that she crushed all the food she had made. The mistress made a mess in the process but she did not care. She wanted him to find it when he came home in the evening.

Lady B came home and she found her slave baking a cake. She took it out of the oven and she crushed it in anger. She did not understand why he had not done what she had asked him but he was busy baking cakes. He was lucky she took out her anger on the cake and not on him personally. The scared slave rushed to do the right thing.

Lady B was angry and she took out her anger on food. She did not want to torture her slave despite being angry. That is because he had not done anything to warrant that sort of treatment and she did not want to punish him without a justifiable reason. So she crushed food with her boots and it helped her to calm down and to continue with her plans as usual.

Mistress Christin and lady B went out and bought a cake. They wanted to crush food today instead of toys so they took the cake home and no one touched it. They placed it on the floor and had a great time crushing it with their boots. The mistresses created a huge mess on the floor with their cake crushing. They enjoyed themselves but left the mess for the maid to clean.

Madame Marissa did not like what she had seen her slave do. Her slave was fond of hiding food and then pretending that it was finished. She would then give him money to go and buy more and he would keep the money and use the food he had hidden. She was not going to accept that crap and she crushed some of the food he had hidden and she made him eat it from her boots as well as from the floor.

Mistress Kate wanted to eat but she did not feel like cooking. She tried to prepare some dough but she found herself crushing it out of frustration because she did not feel like going through with it. She actually found it fun to crush the dough with her bare feet. She enjoyed it a lot and by the time she was done crushing it, a lot of time had passed and she went to bed.

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