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Mistress Esther and mistress Rosie were hanging out together at home and they had a great time together. The mistresses felt that they had to do something crazy today and they did not hesitate to do so. They had fun crushing cake with their feet and creating a mess as a result. They did not want to let the cake go to waste so they fed each other the cake using their feet.

Lady Scarlet loves to crush and she crushed food today using her bare feet. The mistress did it because she knew that she had the time. So she did not waste any time in doing it. By the time she was done doing her thing, the mistress had created a huge mess in the process. But she was not bothered about it as her slave was on hand to clean up.

When this mistress came home and realized that she had been lied to yet again by her man, she was so angry that she took out some bananas which were within reach and crushed them. She did it instinctively. It was not planned. She made a mess of it and when her man came home, she made him eat the crushed bananas and clean up after her and then pay for his lies.

Lady Scarlet had a deal with this chef and he went against what they had agreed. She did not want to talk to him about it. He had to learn his lesson the hard way and that is why she used her boots to punish him. She crushed food with the same boots and then she fed it to him. He had to eat it from the soles of her boots. He was also crushed with the same boots.

This mistress did not like the cheeseburger she had been brought and she was so disappointed that she crushed it with her bare feet. She did not hesitate to crush them with her bare feet as she loved to crush and immediately she was pissed, she automatically found herself crushing it. And she then fed it all to the guy who had brought it for him to know which sort of cheeseburger to bring her.

Goddess Tijana was mad at her man so she took the food he had bought for her and she crushed it with her high heel boots. She did it in his presence for him to realize how angry she was and for him to know that she was not going to put up with what he had done any longer. The message was home and her man never did it again.

This mistress got home and she had nothing better to do. As she looked for what to do, she could tell that her bananas were about to go bad. And since she did not feel like eating them, she felt it was easier for her to have fun with them instead of eating them. That is why she chose to crush them with her bare feet and then ask her slave to clean up.

Lady Phoenix had never tried food crush before but she was out to do so today. And she did not hesitate to do it as she used her bare feet to crush a banana today so as to get the experience of food crush. She loved it despite the mess she created as she crushed them. But she did not worry about it as she had a slave who would clean up.

When this mistress noticed that she was dealing with a slave who was not serious, she had to change things and make sure he learned that she was not going to let him have his way. He had to be punished and she did so using her food crush fetish. She forced him to eat the food she had crushed. And he had watched as she crushed it with her feet.

When lady Stefanie is bored, she likes to do some crazy things. Today was one such day and she had a great time crushing food for fun. She bought some donuts and she used her feet to crush them after barely biting them. It was fun and she was even recording the whole thing to enjoy it later on. It was the cleaning up after herself that she did not enjoy.

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