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Mistress Akira and her boyfriend had an argument and she did not want to let him win it. She had to punish him and she did so with her boots. Since she could not beat him physically, she chose to crush the food he had bought for her. It was a slap in the face for him but he could not do anything about it and he tried to make amends with her.

This mistress was angry and frustrated. Whenever she was in such a situation, she did things she did not know herself. When she got home, she crushed chocolate Santa and when she was done doing so, the mistress got this loser to go and eat all of the food that she had crushed. He had to do it from her soles as well as from the floor. That made her feel better.

Mistress Daria wanted her slave to watch as she crushed his food. She was doing it to protest how he did not make good food. The mistress wanted to make sure that he knew that she did not like his food and that she made him want to make better food. That is why she forced him to watch as she crushed his food with her high heels then she made him eat it.

Lady Sandy had beef with her boyfriend and she took the chocolates he had bought her and she crushed them on the television screen with her bare feet. She created a mess on the screen which was also cracked and destroyed. She did it because part of their argument was about the television. So she managed to solve the problem with what she did but she had no idea that that was what would make her problem go away.

Mistress Melady took a tomato, a banana and an apple and she crushed them with her boots. She wanted to make a paste which her slave would eat both from the ground as well as from the soles of her boots. She did not like how rude he had become and she wanted to use that punishment to punish him and send a message to him that she would not tolerate that behavior.

Goddess Nika was mad at her boyfriend. He had done something she did not like and she was not talking to him. He knew she loved cake so he went and bought cake for her. She was tempted to eat it but she was so mad that she could not. She crushed it with her boots and that was when he knew the extent to which she was mad because she had never refused cake before.

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