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Mistress Dula and her friend wanted this slave to know that they were not comfortable with how he liked to walk naked in the house. They wanted him to stop and they had tried to make him stop but he did not stop. So he had himself to blame after the mistresses crushed the food and made him eat it before they also kicked the shit out of him. He was naked as they did it.

Lady Isla loves to try new things because she is a free spirit. She gets bored easily too. That is why she set out to enjoy something new and she settled on trying food crush fetish. She wore her boots and took a walk to the woods and to the farms where she saw certain kids of food and she crushed them. It was fun and it was also an exercise.

Lady Sandy was bored and she did not know what to do with all the time she had. So she tried to look for interesting things to do online and that is when she came across food crush fetish. She liked the idea so she went to her pantry and she got out the foods that were there and she crushed them for fun. She started with bananas before she went to the other foods.

Mistress Angela wanted to give her slave the fruit salad he had asked for. S she took some fruits, placed them on the floor and she crushed them with her high heels. She then invited him to come and get a taste of the salad he wanted. He was shocked but she did not let him get over his shock before he had to eat the fruits from the floor and from her feet.

Goddess Tijana was mad at her man so she took the food he had bought for her and she crushed it with her high heel boots. She did it in his presence for him to realize how angry she was and for him to know that she was not going to put up with what he had done any longer. The message was home and her man never did it again.

Lady Shay did not want to take out her anger on someone. That is why she took it out on this loser. She was sure that it was easier and cheaper to take out her anger on food than on someone who most likely would not be deserving of it. The mistress did it in the house and she was so engrossed in it that she did not notice when the anger disappeared.

This mistress was out to crush grapes because she did not like them. Her boyfriend had bought them because he loved them but he did not stop to ask her whether she did. She did not say anything. She just waited for him to leave and she crushed them and destroyed them all. When he asked, she said that she had eaten them but she asked him not to buy more.

This mistress is sexy and she has sexy feet. She loves to make everything she does look sexy and that is what she was up to today. The mistress had a great time making crushing strawberries look as sexy as he wanted it to be. The mistress even went ahead to record herself as she did it and it was a great thing she knew that she would try with her boyfriend as part of foreplay.

This mistress wanted to spite her slave so she looked around and saw that he had done all the things he was supposed to do. So she went ahead to take out some food and she crushed it on the floor to make a mess for him to clean. She crushed bananas and made a huge mess on her socks and on the floor and she had them both cleaned.

This mistress loves to crush things with her bare feet and today was one of those days for her. She had time on her hands and she did not waste it. She used her bare feet to trample some fruits. It was a lot of fun for her although she got her feet dirty in the process. However, she did not mind as the fun she had in the process was worth it.

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