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Madame Marissa wanted this slave to feel her wrath and she did this by crushing food with her boots as he watched and then made him eat that food. The mistress did not care what the guy felt or wanted and she knew that what she was doing was necessary to punish him and get him to do what she wanted which was to change his ways. He had no choice but to change.

This mistress was so stressed that she had to take it out on someone or something and she chose to take it out on food. That is why she bought a burger and as she took a walk, she crushed it as hard as she could and by the time she was done with it, she started feeling a little better than she was before she had crushed the burger.

Mistress Daria wanted her slave to watch as she crushed his food. She was doing it to protest how he did not make good food. The mistress wanted to make sure that he knew that she did not like his food and that she made him want to make better food. That is why she forced him to watch as she crushed his food with her high heels then she made him eat it.

Lady Scarlet loves to crush and she crushed food today using her bare feet. The mistress did it because she knew that she had the time. So she did not waste any time in doing it. By the time she was done doing her thing, the mistress had created a huge mess in the process. But she was not bothered about it as her slave was on hand to clean up.

Goddess Tijana was mad at her man so she took the food he had bought for her and she crushed it with her high heel boots. She did it in his presence for him to realize how angry she was and for him to know that she was not going to put up with what he had done any longer. The message was home and her man never did it again.

Mistress Emely wanted to humiliate her slave so she had him make some pastries and when he was done, she pretended she did not like how they tasted. All she wanted was to crush them and then humiliate him with them. She crushed the food with her bare feet and when she was done, she got him to lick them from the soles of her feet as well as from the floor.

Mistress Patricia was not pleased with what she had seen from this loser. She had given him a task which he had convinced her that he was very qualified to do. She then found out he was not and she was mad. She punished him by crushing some food with her boots and making him eat it. He had no choice but to eat the food from the floor as well as from the soles of her boots.

Madame Marissa normally crushes stuff with her feet or her hands. But today she wanted to do it with her ass. She was crushing food so she figured it would not be hard to crush them with her ass especially since they were bananas. She made sure they were ripe and she placed them on a chair and she sat on them. She smothered them and created a paste. But she was not done. She went ahead to crush them with her bare feet.

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