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Goddess Joana found her slave doing the very things she had asked him not to do. The mistress went ahead to use her food crush fetish to send him a message for him to know that that behavior would not be tolerate any longer by the mistress. He was told that if he did not stop, he would be crushed and trampled the way she had done to the food.

Lady B was angry at this loser for preparing food which was not delicious. She is a foodie and loves to eat good food. She did not want to eat the mess that her slave had prepared so she punished him for it. She crushed the food he had prepared and she made him eat the crushed food. She wanted him to learn from his mistake and never repeat it.

Goddess Chanel was on her way out of the house when she found someone had dropped some apples. She did not pick them up but she could not let them be. She crushed them with her high heels and she created a mess then she left. She called her slave and told him to go out and clean the mess she had created. When she went back in the evening, she found he had cleaned it up.

Empress Victoria loves to crush food. She enjoys crushing it and destroying it. Today she was wearing her high heels and she used them to crush and destroy it. She crushed some marshmallows and she did not rest until all of them were just but a mess on the floor. The mistress loved the whole experience and it allowed her to take it to the next level by looking at something better to crush.

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