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Mistress Lea was bored at home and she had to occupy herself with something in order to stop the boredom. So she used her boots to crush food and she did it for fun. She did not have a lot of hopes in it being entertaining but it was and she was surprised by how it turned out. The mistress loved it and it became a regular thing for him.

Mistress Lea wanted to crush the food she had caught this loser eating. She did not like that he ate while he had not done any of what she had asked him to do for her. The angry mistress used her foot wear to punish as well as humiliate him. So she took the food from him and she crushed it before she made him eat the remainder from her footwear.

Mistress Luna wanted to have fun with food crush fetish. She chose to crush a banana outside her house. She threw it down and she used her boots to crush it. The mistress enjoyed herself as she did it and it was a lot of fun for her. However, she created a mess as she did so and she did not want to clean it up herself so she got a loser to do it.

Mistress Luna was not pleased with her slave and she had to make sure things changed. So she crushed some food as he watched. He did not understand why she was doing it. But soon enough he found out that it was all because of him. She made him eat the crushed food from her heels as well as from the floor. He regretted pissing her off and promised to change.

Mistress Luna loves watermelon but today this one tasted funny to her and it was the last one in the house. She could not eat it because of the taste since she did not want to get sick. She was disappointed as she had thought she was leaving the best for last but as it turned out, it was not good. She was so pissed at it that she crushed it with her gumboots.

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