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Princess Serena was angry at her slave and she had to punish him for not following instructions. She had asked him to bake some bread but he did not do it as well as she had hoped he would. She crushed the bread with her high heels and she forced her slave to eat the bread from the soles of her high heels as well as from the floor. He did.

Lady B was not going to let this loser escape punishment for preparing bad food for her. She crushed it with her high heels and she made a mess on the floor. She then made the loser eat the food from both the floor as well as from her bare feet. She also had him eat some of it from her high heels before she let him go and learn to make better food.

Lady B and her friend mistress Indira had a lot of food on the table today. They had made their slave work hard and cook it all. But after it had been laid on the table and it was looking sumptuous, the mistresses jumped on the table and they crushed it with their high heels. They created a huge mess as the slave watched them trashing what he had done in disbelief.

This mistress coked some delicious turkey but instead of eating it, she crushed it and she made a mess. She knew her slave loved her turkey so she made it and she let him enjoy the aroma. But he was shocked when she crushed the turkey with her hands and her feet. She then forced him to eat it from her hands and her feet. He also had to eat the rest of it from the floor.

Lady B went out for shopping. When she came back, she found out that she had lost her wallet and the money inside. She could not remember where her wallet went after she had paid for her groceries. She was so pissed that in her anger, she crushed and she destroyed the food she had bought. She had a lot of money in her wallet and someone must have seen it and pick pocketed her.

This mistress caught her boyfriend kissing another girl and she was mad. He bought her chocolate to say sorry but she was still mad so she crushed the chocolate with her bare feet and created a mess. She did not want to eat it so she took out her anger on it as she crushed it. He was lucky he was not around as she would have made him eat it from her feet.

Mistresses Esther, Clarissa, Lorena and Rosie are friends. They love to meet every few weeks to just have fun among themselves. They like to do different things and usually have so much fun and they always look forward to them. They wanted to try food crush fetish today so they baked cakes and when they met, they had fun crushing them with their feet. They messed the floor and their feet and then tasted the cake from their feet.

Madame Marissa was angry. She did not want to take out her anger on the slave. So she went to the kitchen and got some food stuffs and she crushed and destroyed them in order to deal with her anger. They helped her to deal with her anger issues and soon enough, she was ok but she had made a mess on the floor, which she made her slave clean.

Empress Victoria loves to crush food. She enjoys crushing it and destroying it. Today she was wearing her high heels and she used them to crush and destroy it. She crushed some marshmallows and she did not rest until all of them were just but a mess on the floor. The mistress loved the whole experience and it allowed her to take it to the next level by looking at something better to crush.

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