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Mistress BlackDiamoond wanted to give food crush a chance so she let her friend lady Alice teach her how to do it. It was a lot of fun as they used high heels to do it. They created a huge mess on the floor as they did their thing and in no time, they had managed to get her to learn how to do it like a pro. She could not do it on her own.

Mistress Sophia and her boyfriend were at a picnic. They had gone there in an effort to mend their strained relationship. But they just could not do it and they had to argue again. She got so pissed that she kicked all the food that was laid out for them to eat. She destroyed everything that was there both food and drink. And that brought their picnic to an early end.

Lady Shay had a day off but she did not know what to do with it. She had watched all sorts of movies and she had nothing better to watch. She found herself trying food crush clips. She wanted to crush the food with her butt so, in essence, she was trying both butt crush and food crush. So she placed the food on a clear table, set her camera and had fun crushing it.

Madame Marissa loves crushing but she had never crushed food before. She chose to use her ass to crush chocolate marshmallows and that is what she did. She took them and placed them on a table and she had fun crushing them with her butt. Her ass was covered in marshmallow but she had a lot of fun doing it and she loved it so much that she did it again and again.

This mistress loves cake. She loves all kinds of cake. She loves to bake them, she loves to buy them but most of all, she loves to eat them. Today she wanted to use a different style to eat them. She wanted to crush them and them eat them from her body. She sat on them and crushed them then she ate the ones stuck on her butt and on her pussy.

Mistress Jenny noticed this guy had a crush on her. She is a cruel mistress so she took advantage of his crush to humiliate him for her own fun. She teased him and she made him horny and then she got him to do things that she told him. She crushed a piece of bread with her ass and made him eat among other nasty things she did to him.

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