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Princess Serena wanted to try something she had never tried before. That is how she settled on crushing food with her ass. She chose to do it in a way she had never done before and it was a lot of fun for her. She soiled her ass but it did not matter as she was going to take a shower after that. She enjoyed creating a mess and having her slave lick the food from her ass.

Goddess Liana does not like grapes. When she found that her slave had bought some, she crushed them with her bare feet as well as with her high heels. She did not bother with the mess she left on the floor after she had crushed them because she knew her slave would clean up after her. She just crushed the fruits and she left. She asked her slave never to buy them again.

This mistress loves cake. She loves all kinds of cake. She loves to bake them, she loves to buy them but most of all, she loves to eat them. Today she wanted to use a different style to eat them. She wanted to crush them and them eat them from her body. She sat on them and crushed them then she ate the ones stuck on her butt and on her pussy.

This mistress has a sexy ass and her boyfriend adores it. Today she wanted to be a little naughty. So she crushed cake with her ass and she let some of it get to her pussy as well. She then went to the bedroom and she told her boyfriend to lick the cake off of her ass and her pussy and he did it. He actually loved it and it led to great orgasms.

Mistress Jenny noticed this guy had a crush on her. She is a cruel mistress so she took advantage of his crush to humiliate him for her own fun. She teased him and she made him horny and then she got him to do things that she told him. She crushed a piece of bread with her ass and made him eat among other nasty things she did to him.

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