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Mistress BlackDiamoond wanted to give food crush a chance so she let her friend lady Alice teach her how to do it. It was a lot of fun as they used high heels to do it. They created a huge mess on the floor as they did their thing and in no time, they had managed to get her to learn how to do it like a pro. She could not do it on her own.

Madame Marissa did not like what she had seen her slave do. Her slave was fond of hiding food and then pretending that it was finished. She would then give him money to go and buy more and he would keep the money and use the food he had hidden. She was not going to accept that crap and she crushed some of the food he had hidden and she made him eat it from her boots as well as from the floor.

Princess Serena loves chocolate but she had more than she could eat. She did not want it to go bad so she chose to do something with it. She went online and checked what she could do with the excess chocolate. She realized there was a food crush fetish. She liked it so much that she tried it. She had fun crushing her chocolates using her boots. She even got her slave to lick the chocolate from the soles of her boots.

Madame Marissa likes to crush things. But she does not like to crush the same thing over and over again. She prefers to crush different things. This time round she was on food crush. So she crushed vegetables and today she crushed gummy bears. She bought many packets and since she wanted a challenge, she crushed many of them using her boots as well as her sneakers. She wanted to see which one would crush them better.

Madame Marissa was taking a walk when she came across chocolate that someone had dropped. She had no use for such chocolate so she kept herself busy with it. She crushed it with her boots and made sure that it was completely destroyed and no one would have known there was chocolate there. She did it because she could and not because of any other reason like a fetish or something.

Goddess Nika was mad at her boyfriend. He had done something she did not like and she was not talking to him. He knew she loved cake so he went and bought cake for her. She was tempted to eat it but she was so mad that she could not. She crushed it with her boots and that was when he knew the extent to which she was mad because she had never refused cake before.

Madame Svea loves to crush and to destroy. When she went to her fridge and she found some spoiled food, she naturally had to destroy it. She did not want to just throw it away but to destroy it before throwing it away. She used her boots to do the destruction. She crushed the oranges as well as the tomatoes and created a mess on the floor which her slave cleaned.

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