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Lady Scarlet needed to have some fun and she felt like she had to do something she had never done. That is why she chose to crush food as she had never done it before. In addition, the mistress was sure that it would help her humiliate her slave as he would have to clean up after her, something she was sure he would not like to do or would not do happily.

Goddess Joana found her slave doing the very things she had asked him not to do. The mistress went ahead to use her food crush fetish to send him a message for him to know that that behavior would not be tolerate any longer by the mistress. He was told that if he did not stop, he would be crushed and trampled the way she had done to the food.

Lady Isla loves to try new things because she is a free spirit. She gets bored easily too. That is why she set out to enjoy something new and she settled on trying food crush fetish. She wore her boots and took a walk to the woods and to the farms where she saw certain kids of food and she crushed them. It was fun and it was also an exercise.

Mistress Krush loves to enhance her skills in things she likes. She loves food crushing and she was at it again today but instead of using it to punish a slave, she was doing it to enhance her skills so that she would be even better at it. By the time she was done, she had managed to gain new skills and she could not wait to use them on a loser.

This hot mistress wanted to show off her crushing skills. She was known for flirting and teasing but she wanted to be known for much more than that. That is why she chose to use her high heels to crush some food and do it in a sexy and seductive manner. She flaunted her prowess and showed how she could use the same tactic to both scare and turn on a guy.

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