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Mistress Maria is the kind of person who can find entertainment in almost anything. She wanted to crush and dominate things today to pass time and to entertain herself and that is exactly what she did. It was fun for her and she had the time of her life doing that. She even recorded herself as she did it and loved that it was better than she had thought it would be.

Mistress Mari did not want to crush food with her feet like many other people did. She chose to do it with her ass and she did it with her hot and naked ass. She felt it would not be as fun if she did it with her clothes on. So she sat on the food with her naked ass and had fun crushing it as she recorded the whole experience.

Miss Eagle had taken too much candy and she did not like it. She felt that she needed to stop but since she still had many left, she embarked on trampling them and crushing them since they would be dirty as she was doing it with her boots and she would not eat them after that. She threw them away and that is how she finished the candy in the house.

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