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Mistress Mari did not want to crush food with her feet like many other people did. She chose to do it with her ass and she did it with her hot and naked ass. She felt it would not be as fun if she did it with her clothes on. So she sat on the food with her naked ass and had fun crushing it as she recorded the whole experience.

Mistress Kate loves to crush things but today she did not do it for fun. She did it as a way to scare this guy because she felt that he deserved to be scared of her so that he would always do what she wanted. That is how the poor guy ended up being scared of her and being obedient and doing everything that mistress Kate wanted him to do.

This mistress loves cake. She loves all kinds of cake. She loves to bake them, she loves to buy them but most of all, she loves to eat them. Today she wanted to use a different style to eat them. She wanted to crush them and them eat them from her body. She sat on them and crushed them then she ate the ones stuck on her butt and on her pussy.

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