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Goddess Nika was in a bad mood when she woke up. She went to her kitchen and she got some food which she crushed using her sneakers. She made a big mess which she then cleaned. Thereafter, she worked out in her home gym before she took a shower. She was feeling better already and she took breakfast and she left for work looking and feeling better than she did when she woke up.

Goddess Nika loves to crush and today she was crushing food. She had never crushed food before so it was a real thrill for her. She especially crushed vegetables. She spread them out on the floor before she crushed them. She created a saucy looking paste on the floor and she mulled making her slave lick it or eat it. But she decided against it as he had not done anything wrong.

Goddess Nika was mad at her boyfriend. He had done something she did not like and she was not talking to him. He knew she loved cake so he went and bought cake for her. She was tempted to eat it but she was so mad that she could not. She crushed it with her boots and that was when he knew the extent to which she was mad because she had never refused cake before.

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