This mistress has a thing for crushing food. She has a timetable for the kind of food she can crush. Today she was crushing bananas. She not only wanted to crush the bananas, but she also wanted to use the bananas to punish her slave. That is what she did and she made sure that her slave licked the bananas from her feet as well as ate them from the floor.

Lady B wanted to see how strong her ass was and she managed to do it. She did it by taking some food and placing it on a stool and she sat down and she crushed it. Her butt was messy when she finished ass sitting on them. But it was a great experience and the mistress liked it and she hoped that she would do it again very soon.

Goddess Nika crushed this cucumber but she did not want to crush it for its own sake. She wanted to use it to illustrate what she was capable of doing to her slave and he understood her loud and clear. She had a lot of fun doing it was and when she got tired of it , she called it a day and she asked her slave to clean up after her.

Madame Marissa was angry. She did not want to take out her anger on the slave. So she went to the kitchen and got some food stuffs and she crushed and destroyed them in order to deal with her anger. They helped her to deal with her anger issues and soon enough, she was ok but she had made a mess on the floor, which she made her slave clean.

Lady B did not like the cake that was bought for her. She was excited to eat it the following day when she would be watching a movie. When she finally sat down to watch it, she brought the cake and when she attempted to eat it, she realized that the cake was not tasty so she crushed and destroyed it using her ass. Her ass was in jeans to make it more interesting.

Empress Victoria loves to crush food. She enjoys crushing it and destroying it. Today she was wearing her high heels and she used them to crush and destroy it. She crushed some marshmallows and she did not rest until all of them were just but a mess on the floor. The mistress loved the whole experience and it allowed her to take it to the next level by looking at something better to crush.

Madame Svea pretended that the saltsticks had fallen when in fact she was the one who had thrown them down. She then crushed them using her sneakers and pretended that she had walked on them by accident. She crushed them using her sneakers and even jumped on them. She made sure that she destroyed all of them and that all of them were ground before she felt it was enough.

Madame Marissa was taking a walk when she came across chocolate that someone had dropped. She had no use for such chocolate so she kept herself busy with it. She crushed it with her boots and made sure that it was completely destroyed and no one would have known there was chocolate there. She did it because she could and not because of any other reason like a fetish or something.

Lady B was taking a walk when she came across some cucumbers. She did not like cucumbers so she crushed them using her boots. She did not care to know who had dropped them or if he or she would come back for them. She destroyed them and made sure nothing remained of them. She liked it so much that she went and bought food and crushed it beside her car.

Mistress Kim was pissed with her boyfriend for ignoring what she had told him. So she plotted to humiliate him without him knowing. She knew he loved her cookies so as she baked, she kneaded the dough using her ass. She farted on it as well and added a little pee before she baked them. He loved them and ate them hungrily as she smiled knowing what she had done to them.

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