Lady Shay had a day off but she did not know what to do with it. She had watched all sorts of movies and she had nothing better to watch. She found herself trying food crush clips. She wanted to crush the food with her butt so, in essence, she was trying both butt crush and food crush. So she placed the food on a clear table, set her camera and had fun crushing it.

Lady B loves to make a mess. And that is why she emptied trays of eggs into a large box ad she crushed them using her gumboots. She made a huge mess of them and she enjoyed it. She was doing it because she was bored and as such, she had nothing better to do. She felt that she had a duty to enjoy herself and the eggs came to mind and she had to crush them.

Goddess Nika was in a bad mood when she woke up. She went to her kitchen and she got some food which she crushed using her sneakers. She made a big mess which she then cleaned. Thereafter, she worked out in her home gym before she took a shower. She was feeling better already and she took breakfast and she left for work looking and feeling better than she did when she woke up.

Lady Loryelle was angry when she got home. She had been pissed while she was at work by a customer but she could not take out her anger on the customer. And neither could she do it to her co-workers. When she got back home, she could also not take it out on anyone. She had to take it out on the food and fruits she crushed on the floor using her bare feet.

Lady Shay did not know what to do to this loser. She had he would change but he did not do it. She had no choice but to try a different method of punishment. So she used her feet to crush marshmallows and then she forced him to eat them from her bare feet as well as from the floor. The poor guy had no choice but to do it.

Lady B was angry and she took out her anger on food. She did not want to torture her slave despite being angry. That is because he had not done anything to warrant that sort of treatment and she did not want to punish him without a justifiable reason. So she crushed food with her boots and it helped her to calm down and to continue with her plans as usual.

Mistress Christin and lady B used their hunter boots to crush cakes. They did not have the time to bake the cakes so they crushed cakes they had bought. The mistresses made a mess when they were done but that did not bother them. It had been long since the mistresses had cleaned up after themselves so they did some cleaning and they had a good time doing the cleaning.

This mistress had bought a lot of chocolate Santas and she did not have anything to do with the spare. She had to destroy it and she did it with her boots. She wore the boots specifically to crush and destroy the chocolates and she managed to do it. In fact, she created a huge mess on the floor and she had to call several losers to get it cleaned up.

Mistresses Angel, Indira and lady B spent a lot of time baking cakes. They did not do it out of love for baking and they were neither celebrating any occasion or intending to sell them. They just wanted to try and to enjoy crush fetish and specifically food crush fetish. Once they were done, they had a great time crushing the cakes and creating a mess with their bare feet.

Lady B loves high heels and she enjoys using them to tease as well as to torture. But today she had a totally different work for them. She used them to crush food. She had never crushed food before and she did not think it could be as much fun as it is when she crushes a slave. But she did not have a slave today so she tried it and she was surprised at how much fun it was.

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