Jenny and Mary are BBW mistresses. They are the kind of mistresses who like to torture and humiliate for fun. They also like to experiment with different styles of humiliation. Today they were trying food crush. So they took a banana and they crushed it with their feet before they made this loser eat the banana from their feet as well as from the floor. He had no choice but to do it.

This mistress coked some delicious turkey but instead of eating it, she crushed it and she made a mess. She knew her slave loved her turkey so she made it and she let him enjoy the aroma. But he was shocked when she crushed the turkey with her hands and her feet. She then forced him to eat it from her hands and her feet. He also had to eat the rest of it from the floor.

Mistress Lydie was not impressed by what she had learned about her slave. She had thought he was a good slave but she was told otherwise by neighbors. She had to do something to correct the slave and she did. She crushed some food and she made him lick her feet and her shoes. He was humiliated but that served as a warning for him not to repeat his mistakes.

Lady B had cavities. She had forgotten about it and tried to suck some candy. She felt a lot of pain which was as a result of her tooth sensitivity. She was so angry at the candy for the pain she felt and she crushed it and she trampled and stomped on it in anger. She destroyed it before she threw it in the trash can. She then went to the dentist to get her cavities fixed.

Goddess Chanel did not like the breadrolls she saw in her house. They were stale and she prefers to eat fresh food. Her slave was not in the house so she could not punish him. She took the bread and she crushed it with her high heels and she messed the floor with it. She then left it there for her slave to find and she wrote him a note warning him not to keep stale food in her house.

Lady B went out for shopping. When she came back, she found out that she had lost her wallet and the money inside. She could not remember where her wallet went after she had paid for her groceries. She was so pissed that in her anger, she crushed and she destroyed the food she had bought. She had a lot of money in her wallet and someone must have seen it and pick pocketed her.

Goddess Chanel did not have much to do today. It was a free day and she quickly ran out of things to do. She did not feel like sleeping or going out. So in her boredom, she found herself crushing food for fun. She crushed some candies she had and she created a mess but she did not care. She had given her slave some time off but when he came back, he would have some work to do.

Lady B has a thing for crushing food. She loves to buy food for her to crush. It is not weird to buy food and no one would ever suspect what she does to it. She loves to create a huge mess. Most of the time she crushes the food when she has someone to punish and the punishment is to make them eat the food from the floor and from the soles of her shoes.

Goddess Chanel was on her way out of the house when she found someone had dropped some apples. She did not pick them up but she could not let them be. She crushed them with her high heels and she created a mess then she left. She called her slave and told him to go out and clean the mess she had created. When she went back in the evening, she found he had cleaned it up.

Mistress Jacky and Lady B did not feel like eating bread. So they took it out and they threw it on the floor. They then had a great time crushing it with their high heels. They made a huge mess on the floor but they did not care about it as they were sure their slave would clean up after them. He was lucky they did not make him eat the trampled bread.

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