Mistress Sofi was so mad at her boyfriend that she crushed a banana and two tomatoes out of anger. The tomatoes symbolized his balls and the banana symbolized his dick. She knew that was where it would hurt him the most and that is why she fantasized doing it but instead of doing it to him, she chose to do it to food. But it helped her calm down and took away her anger.

Mistress Gaia wanted her new slave to know the kind of boss she was and why he did not want to be on her bad side. The mistress chose to send a message by forcing him to watch as she crushed a banana and tomatoes. The tomatoes represented his balls and the banana his dick. He was shocked and scared but at least the message was home and he never messed with her.

This mistress knew that crushing bananas with her feet looked gross especially the final product but she wanted to make it as sexy as she could and then have her husband eat it from her feet. Being an adventurous mistress she gave herself that challenge so she stripped and seductively crushed the banana with her sexy feet and it looked naughtier than it would have otherwise been had she been fully clothed. And she asked her husband to lick the banana from her feet as it would turn her on. She did not need to ask twice.

Mistress Akasha likes to try all manner of fetishes for the purposes of having fun and that is what she did today. She went out and she bought some food which she later crushed for her own fun and enjoyment. The mistress made a huge mess in the process but she was not worried about it as she was able to get someone else to clean it up for her.

Lady Asmodina was angered by her boyfriend. She had grapes in her hand as she was talking to him on phone. When she was done with the phone, she threw them down and she crushed them with her boots. She did it out of anger because of what he had told her that had pissed her off. He was lucky he was not around as he would have experienced what the fruits experienced.

This mistress loves to crush things with her bare feet and today was one of those days for her. She had time on her hands and she did not waste it. She used her bare feet to trample some fruits. It was a lot of fun for her although she got her feet dirty in the process. However, she did not mind as the fun she had in the process was worth it.

Lady Rockabella knows how to crush and she loves to crush food for fun. But today she did not want to do it with her feet as she was used to doing that. She chose to do it with her butt as it was a new thing and she wanted to enjoy herself by trying something new. It turned out to be better than she expected and she made it a thing going forward.

Mistress Dana was bored in the house and she wanted to have a little fun. So she went to her kitchen and she took out some food and she crushed it with her bare feet. She did not care that she had made a huge mess in the process as she knew that she had someone who was going to take care of that issue for her. So she concentrated on enjoying herself.

Mistress BlackDiamoond wanted her friend to learn how to crush food because she kept asking her. The mistress invited her friend and she showed her how it was done. And her friend loved what she saw and she knew that that was what she wanted to do. So they spent the day crushing different kinds of food and having fun doing it. They summoned a loser to clean up after them.

Lady Anja realized that this slave had never been punished before and she wanted to warn him before she did it. The mistress went ahead to take a banana and crush it while he watched. She then told him that that would be him and especially his dick and his nuts if he did not stop the nonsense he did that angered her. He was scared shitless and he obeyed her.

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