Madame Marissa normally crushes stuff with her feet or her hands. But today she wanted to do it with her ass. She was crushing food so she figured it would not be hard to crush them with her ass especially since they were bananas. She made sure they were ripe and she placed them on a chair and she sat on them. She smothered them and created a paste. But she was not done. She went ahead to crush them with her bare feet.

Mistress Lena was taking an evening walk. She came across a tomato and she crushed it using her boots. She did not care who had put it there and she did not care about the mess she had created as she crushed it. She just crushed it and she left and went on her way. She posed for a few photos with it before she went on taking her walk.

Goddess Chanel was dared with her friend to crush food using her high heels. She agreed to it. She was meant to crush it and then feed it to her slave. Her friend told her because she knew Goddess Chanel never liked to be cruel to her slave. It was pretty difficult for her since her slave had not done anything to deserve it. She however did it but later on she compensated the slave by paying him for the torture.

Mistress Jenny noticed this guy had a crush on her. She is a cruel mistress so she took advantage of his crush to humiliate him for her own fun. She teased him and she made him horny and then she got him to do things that she told him. She crushed a piece of bread with her ass and made him eat among other nasty things she did to him.

Lady B had a bet with her friend about eating crushed food. She won the bet so she bought lots of food and she crushed them using her high heels. She knew it was about to get interesting so she finished creating a mess with the crushed food and she sat back and watched him eat all of it. She laughed till her stomach hurt and she took photos and videos of it.

Mistress Melady took a tomato, a banana and an apple and she crushed them with her boots. She wanted to make a paste which her slave would eat both from the ground as well as from the soles of her boots. She did not like how rude he had become and she wanted to use that punishment to punish him and send a message to him that she would not tolerate that behavior.

Madame Marissa took two croissants and she placed them in her boots. She then crushed them with her feet as she walked in her boots. She created a mess which she forced her slave to lick and eat. She did not give him a chance to say no. She watched him eat it and it was the funniest thing she had seen all week. It was so good she had to do it again.

Lady Alshari loves Halloween but she did not like this pumpkin. She had to crush it and get a new one for her pranks. She used her ass to do it but it did not crush as well as she wanted. So she resorted to using her boots and her high heels. She destroyed it and had fun doing it till she almost forgot that she had to go and get a new one.

Princess Marinka did not like the chocolates and the cookies that her boyfriend bought for her. He had bought them because he had messed up and he wanted to appease her. She was not happy about it and she had to teach him a lesson. She crushed them as he watched. She used her shoes to do it and then she made him eat them from the floor and from her shoes.

Madame Svea did not like how this cake tasted. She had asked her slave to make her one and when he did, it tasted funny. She could not eat it and had to destroy it and then make him make another one. She crushed it with her boots and she even made him eat some of it from the ground and from the soles of her boots. He made sure he baked a better one.

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