This mistress did not like what she had seen from her slave. So she went to the kitchen and she crushed some food. Her friend came in and wondered what she was doing. She explained and her friend joined her in doing it. When they were done crushing the food, they made the slave lick the food from their feet. He had to lick it and eat all of it till there was nothing left.

Mistress Nicole loves to crush food. She loves it because food will not feel pain and it also creates a mess which she can in turn use to punish a slave or a loser if she so wishes. Today she crushed kiwis and when she was done, her slave was relieved that she did not make him lick them. For the first time, she cleaned after herself when she was done.

Lady B was angry at this loser for preparing food which was not delicious. She is a foodie and loves to eat good food. She did not want to eat the mess that her slave had prepared so she punished him for it. She crushed the food he had prepared and she made him eat the crushed food. She wanted him to learn from his mistake and never repeat it.

Princess Serena loves chocolate but she had more than she could eat. She did not want it to go bad so she chose to do something with it. She went online and checked what she could do with the excess chocolate. She realized there was a food crush fetish. She liked it so much that she tried it. She had fun crushing her chocolates using her boots. She even got her slave to lick the chocolate from the soles of her boots.

Madame Marissa does not like gummy bears. Her friend came to visit her and came with a lot of them without knowing that she did not like them. She pretended she had no problem with them but when her friend left, she crushed them as she had no use for them. She used her boots to crush and destroy them. At least she had fun crushing them and that was when she realized that food crush can be quite an interesting activity.

Mistress Melady is a foodie. She loves to prepare great meals and she also loves to eat equally great meals. She was trying a new recipe but she was not getting it right. It pissed her off and she got frustrated to the point of crushing the food she was trying to make. She used her boots to do it and she created a mess. She left it for her slave to clean up.

Mistress Kate wanted to eat but she did not feel like cooking. She tried to prepare some dough but she found herself crushing it out of frustration because she did not feel like going through with it. She actually found it fun to crush the dough with her bare feet. She enjoyed it a lot and by the time she was done crushing it, a lot of time had passed and she went to bed.

Lady B was not going to let this loser escape punishment for preparing bad food for her. She crushed it with her high heels and she made a mess on the floor. She then made the loser eat the food from both the floor as well as from her bare feet. She also had him eat some of it from her high heels before she let him go and learn to make better food.

Lady B and her friend mistress Indira had a lot of food on the table today. They had made their slave work hard and cook it all. But after it had been laid on the table and it was looking sumptuous, the mistresses jumped on the table and they crushed it with their high heels. They created a huge mess as the slave watched them trashing what he had done in disbelief.

Mistress Mary likes to crush food. She loves it because it is a milder form of punishment. She took some strawberries and she put them in her shoes. She then walked in them for a few minutes before the removed the shoes and she had her slave eat the strawberries and drink the juice from her shoes. She watched as he did it and she laughed at how funny it was.

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