When lady Stefanie is bored, she likes to do some crazy things. Today was one such day and she had a great time crushing food for fun. She bought some donuts and she used her feet to crush them after barely biting them. It was fun and she was even recording the whole thing to enjoy it later on. It was the cleaning up after herself that she did not enjoy.

This mistress came home expecting a gourmet meal but all she found was pizza and she did not like that. She was trying to cut down on junk eating and that was what pissed her off. She had to express her anger somehow and she did it by crushing the pizza with her bare feet and she made a huge mess of it. Then she asked her chef to eat it from her feet.

This guy angered this mistress and she did not like what she had seen from him and what he had done. So she used her food crush fetish to torture him and turn him into a loser. The mistress went ahead to force him to lick her feet and to do other humiliating things as punishment before she was done with him. He had no say in any of it.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friend mistress Kasha wanted to torture this guy because he was not well behaved. They had to teach him never to piss her off again and so they used cake to do it. They stepped on the cake and they trampled it before they asked him to eat it from their feet. And before they were done, the mistresses had him lick the floor as well.

Goddess Mila was angered by the things her boyfriend had been doing that she was so mad at him that he had to buy her cake to try and appease her. But she was so pissed that she did not think the cake was enough. In fact, she took it from him and she crushed it using her high heels as he watched. That was when he knew he had fucked up.

Lady Shay did not want to take out her anger on someone. That is why she took it out on this loser. She was sure that it was easier and cheaper to take out her anger on food than on someone who most likely would not be deserving of it. The mistress did it in the house and she was so engrossed in it that she did not notice when the anger disappeared.

This mistress was out to crush grapes because she did not like them. Her boyfriend had bought them because he loved them but he did not stop to ask her whether she did. She did not say anything. She just waited for him to leave and she crushed them and destroyed them all. When he asked, she said that she had eaten them but she asked him not to buy more.

Mistress Diana was too angry and she wanted to take out her anger on some food she had. She did it so as not to take out her anger on someone who did not deserve it. And she succeeded in her quest as she felt better after she had crushed the food with her feet although she ended up creating a huge mess on the kitchen floor in the process.

This mistress is sexy and she has sexy feet. She loves to make everything she does look sexy and that is what she was up to today. The mistress had a great time making crushing strawberries look as sexy as he wanted it to be. The mistress even went ahead to record herself as she did it and it was a great thing she knew that she would try with her boyfriend as part of foreplay.

Mistress Kate loves to crush things but today she did not do it for fun. She did it as a way to scare this guy because she felt that he deserved to be scared of her so that he would always do what she wanted. That is how the poor guy ended up being scared of her and being obedient and doing everything that mistress Kate wanted him to do.

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