This mistress is sexy and she has sexy feet. She loves to make everything she does look sexy and that is what she was up to today. The mistress had a great time making crushing strawberries look as sexy as he wanted it to be. The mistress even went ahead to record herself as she did it and it was a great thing she knew that she would try with her boyfriend as part of foreplay.

Mistress Kate loves to crush things but today she did not do it for fun. She did it as a way to scare this guy because she felt that he deserved to be scared of her so that he would always do what she wanted. That is how the poor guy ended up being scared of her and being obedient and doing everything that mistress Kate wanted him to do.

When this mistress got bored in the house, she had to find something better to do with her time and with herself and that is why she went out for a walk. But as she took her walk, she came across some burgers on the way and she crushed them with her sneakers and she had a great time doing it and that is how she passed her time before she went back home.

This mistress loves crushing things and she wanted to record what she did so as to find out whether they made similar sounds or not. Today she crushed tomatoes with her bare feet and as she did so, she had a microphone ready and recording as she did it. It was a high quality one that picked even the smallest of sounds as she wanted it to be as accurate as possible.

This mistress does not like people who do not toe the line. This new slave did not and he had to be punished. The mistress used her food crush fetish to teach him a lesson. The guy was humiliated as the mistress took a piece of cake and she crushed it with her boots then had him eat it from her soles. In addition, he had to eat it from the floor.

This mistress wanted to spite her slave so she looked around and saw that he had done all the things he was supposed to do. So she went ahead to take out some food and she crushed it on the floor to make a mess for him to clean. She crushed bananas and made a huge mess on her socks and on the floor and she had them both cleaned.

Goddess Kiffa tried to get her son to stop eating candy but she could not. She had no other way to do it other than to make sure they were not there. So she crushed them with her feet when he was asleep and when he woke up he found there was no candy. She had crushed them and then thrown them away and pretended she did not know what had happened to them.

Miss Eagle had taken too much candy and she did not like it. She felt that she needed to stop but since she still had many left, she embarked on trampling them and crushing them since they would be dirty as she was doing it with her boots and she would not eat them after that. She threw them away and that is how she finished the candy in the house.

Lady Sandy had beef with her boyfriend and she took the chocolates he had bought her and she crushed them on the television screen with her bare feet. She created a mess on the screen which was also cracked and destroyed. She did it because part of their argument was about the television. So she managed to solve the problem with what she did but she had no idea that that was what would make her problem go away.

Mistress Lena knew that her boyfriend was watching what she did and she wanted him to get the message without him saying anything. She also did not want to make it too obvious so she only used a banana to do it. She crushed the banana using her high heels as well as her bare feet before she walked away and left the mess there. The boyfriend got the message and he even cleaned up the mess.

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