Lady B has a thing for crushing. She loves to crush anything she can and today she used her wooden mules to crush food she found on the side of the road as she took a walk. She did not have anywhere particular to go so she crushed them for fun and she did not notice how time flew as she crushed them. She had a great time nonetheless and had a lot of fun.

This mistress was bored so she tried anything and everything she could think of for fun. She took some tomatoes and she put them inside her high heels and she wore the heels. She crushed them as she walked and in as much as it was a silly thing to do, she had a lot of fun doing it. She enjoyed herself and she did it again and again till she got tired.

Madame Svea was pissed when she got home. Someone had made her angry at work and she took it home. She reached home and she crushed eggs with her feet because she was still angry and everything seemed to make her mad. She however felt better after she had crushed the eggs as she had taken her anger out on them. She had finally known how to get rid of her anger.

Madame Marissa loves crushing but she had never crushed food before. She chose to use her ass to crush chocolate marshmallows and that is what she did. She took them and placed them on a table and she had fun crushing them with her butt. Her ass was covered in marshmallow but she had a lot of fun doing it and she loved it so much that she did it again and again.

Goddess Nika loves to crush and today she was crushing food. She had never crushed food before so it was a real thrill for her. She especially crushed vegetables. She spread them out on the floor before she crushed them. She created a saucy looking paste on the floor and she mulled making her slave lick it or eat it. But she decided against it as he had not done anything wrong.

Mistress Lea did not appreciate this guy farting in her presence. He was eating a burger as he did it and she thought he was gross for farting while eating. She had to teach him some manners so she crushed his burger using her boots and she made him eat the burger from the soles of her boots as well as from the ground. He learned his lesson and never did it again.

Goddess Chanel had crushed stuff before but she had never crushed food before. So she went out and she tried to crush strawberries. She crushed them outside the house so that even if she created a mess, she would not have to clean it herself. Besides it was about to rain and the rain would wash it for her. She loved to crush but she hated cleaning up after she was done.

Lady B could not go out to buy stuff to crush. It was raining hard outside. She felt like crushing something so bad that she went into her kitchen and she took some food and she crushed it. She crushed the food and she created a mess but at the very least she had a good time although she had to clean up the mess since she did not have a slave.

This mistress has a great ass. She wanted to use it for something she had never done before today so she took some fruits and she crushed them using her ass. She had a lot of fun and it felt better than being spanked. She used to love getting her ass spanked but she had found an even better thing to do with her ass. She did it again and again till she got tired.

Mistress Lisa Jordan loves to crush and today on her list was food crush. She has a list so that she does not end up doing the same thing over and over again. So she crushed chocolate while wearing her socks. Her slave was lucky she had sent him so she did not make him lick the chocolate from the floor as well as from her socks. But when he came, he had to clean the mess up.

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