This mistress chose to try something new today and that was food crush. She used Santa Claus chocolates and her sneakers for her experiment. She had a great time doing it and she managed to have fun doing it. She did create a huge mess but she was not bothered as she knew she would get someone to clean up after her. She concentrated on having as much fun as she could.

Mistress Emely wanted to humiliate her slave so she had him make some pastries and when he was done, she pretended she did not like how they tasted. All she wanted was to crush them and then humiliate him with them. She crushed the food with her bare feet and when she was done, she got him to lick them from the soles of her feet as well as from the floor.

Mistress Stacy was bored at home and she found herself crushing things. She did it for fun because she had nothing better to do. As she looked for things to do, the mistress came across candy in her house and she crushed it. She was not worried about it and she knew she could buy more the following day. So she crushed all of it for fun till she got tired.

Mistress Christin and lady B went out and bought a cake. They wanted to crush food today instead of toys so they took the cake home and no one touched it. They placed it on the floor and had a great time crushing it with their boots. The mistresses created a huge mess on the floor with their cake crushing. They enjoyed themselves but left the mess for the maid to clean.

Princess Serena was angry at her slave and she had to punish him for not following instructions. She had asked him to bake some bread but he did not do it as well as she had hoped he would. She crushed the bread with her high heels and she forced her slave to eat the bread from the soles of her high heels as well as from the floor. He did.

Mistress Narziss was frustrated at work and when she got home, she was worked up and ready to boil. She had to bottle up all her feelings and emotions because she knew that she could be fired if she did anything silly in the office. When she got home, she crushed some kiwis with her high heels and she was able to take her anger out on them. Then she relaxed.

Goddess Liana does not like grapes. When she found that her slave had bought some, she crushed them with her bare feet as well as with her high heels. She did not bother with the mess she left on the floor after she had crushed them because she knew her slave would clean up after her. She just crushed the fruits and she left. She asked her slave never to buy them again.

This mistress enjoys crushing things. Today it was her turn to try food crush. She had crushed a lot of things but she had not yet crushed food. She did so today as she crushed some chocolate Santas. She threw them on the floor and she used her shoes to crush and destroy them. She had a great time doing it and enjoyed every bit of it despite the huge mess she created.

Madame Marissa did not like what she had seen her slave do. Her slave was fond of hiding food and then pretending that it was finished. She would then give him money to go and buy more and he would keep the money and use the food he had hidden. She was not going to accept that crap and she crushed some of the food he had hidden and she made him eat it from her boots as well as from the floor.

Lady B wanted to show her slave that she meant what she had said earlier. The slave thought she was joking and the mistress wanted to prove she was not. So she ordered for bread which she crushed with her boots. She then made her slave eat the crushed bread from her boots as well as from the floor. He was shocked but could do nothing about it. He ate the crushed bread.

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