Lady B placed some pastries in her sneakers and she wore them and went out for a walk. She knew her slave would have no choice but to eat them when she was done crushing the. The mistress placed the inside the sneakers which were stinky so as to make the punishment crueler. She then went back to the house where the slave was asked to eat the crushed pastries and he had no choice.

Madame Marissa was anxious and whenever she is anxious, she likes to do some crazy things. There is no telling what she can do. But today she went to the kitchen and she threw away some food on the floor. And then she walked on it and crushed it creating a mess in the kitchen in the process. But it helped to calm her down from the nervous wreck she was earlier.

Mistress Sophia and her boyfriend were at a picnic. They had gone there in an effort to mend their strained relationship. But they just could not do it and they had to argue again. She got so pissed that she kicked all the food that was laid out for them to eat. She destroyed everything that was there both food and drink. And that brought their picnic to an early end.

This guy was too proud for princess Serena's liking. She wanted him to be taught a lesson so she took it upon herself to do it. She chose to dominate him and she did that using her foot crush clips fetish. The mistress took a carrot and she cut it into two. She then told him that that was how big his dick was. She then crushed the carrot and told him if he was not careful, she would do the same to his dick.

Lady B was so bored that she chose to crush food for fun. And it was not food like vegetables, but it was chocolate. She crushed it using her high heels and she made a huge mess out of it. The mistress did not mind the fact that the chocolate was expensive. All that mattered to her was the fact that she was having fun. When she was done, she went in search of someone to clean up.

Mistress Cindy likes to do nasty things when she is pissed. And she was mighty pissed today. She was angry at her slave and she chose to express her anger using food crush clips. She took some food and she chewed it. She then spat it out and accumulated it on the floor as her slave watched before she asked him to eat it. He was degraded but he had no choice.

Mistress Anica Red was wearing her gumboots on the farm when she came across an egg left. She did not care which animal the egg belonged to and she crushed it with her boots. She had fun doing it and she made a paste using the egg and the soil. When she had had enough of it, she went on with her walk looking out for something else she could crush.

Madame Marissa filled her shoes with chocolate-covered marshmallows. She then put on the shoes and she created a mess as she crushed them. She loved the sight of what she had done and then she summoned her slave and asked him to lick her feet, her shoes and the floor clean. The slave was horrified but he did not have a choice. He licked them all clean but it took him an hour to do so.

Lady Krasaviza did not like chocolate marshmallows that her slave had made. She wanted to show him how to make better ones and she did this by first crushing his with her bare feet and making him lick her bare feet as well as the floor and then showing him how it is done. The punishment worked and the slave learned to make better ones just the way she liked.

Mistress Jess was bored so she took a walk. She came across some apples on the road and she resorted to making some juice with them. She turned her feet into a blender and she crushed the apples. She had fun doing it and she managed to make a paste instead of juice. But she had had fun and she left the paste there and went on with her walk.

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