Lady Alshari was bored so she went out for a walk. As she was walking, she came across an orange. She did not know what to do with it at first because she was not going to pick it up and eat it. She was bored so she looked around and when she did not see the owner, she crushed it with her boots so as to pass some time.

Mistress Luna loves watermelon but today this one tasted funny to her and it was the last one in the house. She could not eat it because of the taste since she did not want to get sick. She was disappointed as she had thought she was leaving the best for last but as it turned out, it was not good. She was so pissed at it that she crushed it with her gumboots.

This mistress was a newbie to the crush scene. But she was determined to try it out so she tried it with a packet of popcorn. She knew it would not create much of a mess once she crushed them and also she was sure that it would not burn a hole in her pocket. So she bought a packet and she crushed it. It was a lot of fun and she made another trip to the store.

Lady Krasaviza wanted to crush stuff but she could not crush her slave as he had not done anything wrong and she was not one of those mistresses who crush a loser or slave just because they feel like it. So she resorted to crush food. She took out eggs and she crushed them for fun. She boiled them first before she did that as she did not want the mess of raw eggs.

Mistress Gioa came home and found out that her slave had not done the chores she had given him. She was pissed at him and she did not care about the food he was preparing. She crushed food she found on the table and she made him know that she was not happy and that the next time it would be his balls that she would crush as his punishment.

Lady B went and bought bananas and she used them to dominate her slave. He loved to eat fruits so he did not suspect anything when he saw her buying lots of bananas. But she summoned him to her torture chambers and she crushed the bananas before she asked him to eat them from her boots. He had no choice but to eat them as it was an order not a request.

Mistress Mila's slave had cooked a heavy breakfast for her and laid it out for her to eat. But as she went to have her breakfast, she was called by her boyfriend and as they spoke on phone, their talk degenerated into an argument and she got so angry and so worked up that she crushed and destroyed the food her slave had taken a lot of time to prepare for her.

This mistress does not like cookies. This guy who was interested in her thought that all women had sweet teeth and liked to eat sweet things. But that was not the case with this mistress. She pretended to like the gift of cookies the guy had brought her but she insisted on eating them at home. When she got home, she used her pumps to crush them and destroy them.

Lady B placed some pastries in her sneakers and she wore them and went out for a walk. She knew her slave would have no choice but to eat them when she was done crushing the. The mistress placed the inside the sneakers which were stinky so as to make the punishment crueler. She then went back to the house where the slave was asked to eat the crushed pastries and he had no choice.

Madame Marissa was anxious and whenever she is anxious, she likes to do some crazy things. There is no telling what she can do. But today she went to the kitchen and she threw away some food on the floor. And then she walked on it and crushed it creating a mess in the kitchen in the process. But it helped to calm her down from the nervous wreck she was earlier.

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