These mistresses had eaten a lot of bananas and when their mother gave them some more bananas, they just got pissed and since they could not refuse them to her face, they took them and went outside. They then crushed them with their flip flops and made a mess. They did not want to smell or taste any bananas for a while. Then they went back to the house and pretended they had eaten them.

Mistress Morikawa had made food for her boyfriend but he did not eat it. He just left and did not touch anything yet she had woken up early to prepare breakfast for him. She was so angry that she crushed all the food she had made. The mistress made a mess in the process but she did not care. She wanted him to find it when he came home in the evening.

Mistress Krush loves to enhance her skills in things she likes. She loves food crushing and she was at it again today but instead of using it to punish a slave, she was doing it to enhance her skills so that she would be even better at it. By the time she was done, she had managed to gain new skills and she could not wait to use them on a loser.

Mistress Lea wanted to crush the food she had caught this loser eating. She did not like that he ate while he had not done any of what she had asked him to do for her. The angry mistress used her foot wear to punish as well as humiliate him. So she took the food from him and she crushed it before she made him eat the remainder from her footwear.

Mistress Sophia was angry at her husband and she took it too far by giving him food she had trampled with her feet to eat. He had asked her for food and she made him watch her trample and crush the food and when she was done, she gave it to him and told him to eat it. He was shocked and knew things were out of control as she had never done that before.

This mistress was real tired of her husband sitting on the couch watching television and yet waiting for her to do all the work and fix him a hot meal. Today she took food and she crushed it with her high heels and she made him eat the crushed food. And she told him that that would be the mode of operation going forward if he would not pull his weight around the house.

Mistress Jenny and her friend lady Stefanie were angered by how this loser behaved. He had some burgers so they took the burgers from his hand and they crushed them as he watched. And they used their boots to do it. When they were done, he had to eat them even though they were contaminated and had dirt in them. He could not believe what they had done to him.

This slave was picky about the food he wanted to eat and the mistress did not like that behavior. She had to teach him to eat what was given to him. So the mistresses took some grape fruits which they knew he did not like and the crushed them before making him lick the juice from their feet. He was humiliated but he had no choice other than to do as told.

Mistress Jacky did not like the things she had seen her slave do and she wanted him to change. She knew he had a good appetite so she took some food and she crushed it with her boots and she gave it to him to eat. He had to eat from her boots and also from the ground. He had no choice but to eat all of it and that is how he learned his lesson.

Mistress Mila was bought chocolate by her boyfriend. They had had a nasty argument the night before and he was doing it as an apology. He knew she loved chocolate and so he bought apology chocolate. But she was still angry and she crushed the chocolate with her wedges and she destroyed it completely. He watched in utter shock as she did so and knew he had fucked up big time.

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