Torturing guys for fun is what this mistress is good at. She does it effortlessly and she enjoys doing it any chance she gets. Today she was at home relaxing when she saw this guy steal a brownie from a homeless man. She went and she crushed it on the floor. She then made him eat it from the floor. She made sure it was mixed with soil before he ate it.

Lady B loves cake and she bought a lot of cake to enjoy as she took a bath in her hot tub. But before she got into the water, she decided to taste the cake and find out which one was better than the other so that she could enjoy it last. She found out all of them tasted bad and she knew she could not eat them. She was mad and crushed them. She sat on both cakes and destroyed them.

Goddess Chanel was angry at her boyfriend and she went for a walk to clear her mind. As she walked, she had a box of chocolate which her boyfriend had bought for her. She threw it down and she crushed it with her high heel boots. She destroyed it and made sure there was nothing left of it by the time she was done crushing it. She felt better and went back home.

Lady B loves cake but she had developed cavities that made it hard for her to enjoy her cake. As she tried to eat the cake that was in the fridge, she felt so much pain that she took the cake and she sat on it. She crushed it with her ass as well as with her high heels. She was mad at it for giving her such an amount of pain.

Madame Marissa loves to crush fruits. While other mistresses prefer to crush slaves, others vegetables and others toys, she prefers fruits. She likes to create a fruit cocktail on the floor by crushing bananas, oranges, apples and passion. She then calls her slave and has him eat the rich cocktail from her feet as well as from the floor. The slave never has a choice whether to eat or not.

Goddess Chanel bought some oranges. But instead of eating them, she crushed them. She threw them on the ground and she enjoyed jumping on them and crushing them using her high heel boots. It was a lot of fun and she felt like going back for more oranges to crush and squeeze into a pulp. But it was getting late so she finished crushing the ones she already had and went home.

Lady B loves to crush and she does it all the time. This time round she concentrated on crushing food. She went out and bought sushi and she took her time to crush it and destroy it. She used her bare feet to do it. She had fun doing it and left a huge mess on the floor when she was done. But she did not worry about it since she knew someone else would clean up after her.

Madame Marissa thought there was some food left in the fridge. But she found it was only a banana so she took it and threw it on the floor in disappointment. She then crushed it with her flip flops and created a huge mess. She left the mess there for her servant to clean it as it was his fault they did not have more food in the fridge. He was lucky she did not have him eat the mess.

Goddess Chanel found her slave had not done what she had told him to do. When she got in the house, she was so mad and she knew she had to do those things herself. She was expecting visitors so she took some tomatoes and went outside and crushed them. It helped her calm down and she was able to contain herself and host her visitors well without flipping out on her slave or anyone else for that matter.

Lady L was in love with food crush fetish. She had stumbled upon it on the internet and she could not have enough of it. She went and bought apples and she had fun crushing them. She even took food crush clips and watched them over and over again. When she thought she had perfected her foot and food crush art, she posted them for others to also enjoy the videos.

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