Madame Marissa likes to crush things. But she does not like to crush the same thing over and over again. She prefers to crush different things. This time round she was on food crush. So she crushed vegetables and today she crushed gummy bears. She bought many packets and since she wanted a challenge, she crushed many of them using her boots as well as her sneakers. She wanted to see which one would crush them better.

Lady B was about to get into her car when she saw milk packets for coffee. She did not know who they belonged to and she did not have any use for them. So she did the next best thing which was to crush and destroy them. She had fun stomping on them with her flip flops. She created a huge mess before she got into her car and drove away.

Goddess Chanel loves to crush and she does it any chance she gets. She loves to do it with her high heels on and as she was taking a walk today, she came across some apples on the floor. She did not hesitate to crush them. She even forgot where she was going and concentrated on crushing them. She had so much fun and realized she had spend a lot of time crushing the apples.

This mistress caught her boyfriend kissing another girl and she was mad. He bought her chocolate to say sorry but she was still mad so she crushed the chocolate with her bare feet and created a mess. She did not want to eat it so she took out her anger on it as she crushed it. He was lucky he was not around as she would have made him eat it from her feet.

Madame Marissa wore her converse sneakers for her crush fetish today. She had been crushing food with her bare feet but she did not feel like doing it today so she did it with her sneakers on. She did not want the mess on her feet so she threw the different kinds of vegetables on the floor and she crushed them with her sneakers. She left the mess there for her slave to clean.

Mistress Elsa loves crushing food. She loves the feeling she gets as she kneads the food with her feet. That is why she loves to especially crush things like cake. She went out and bought a cake and everyone assumed there was a special occasion she was celebrating but she just wanted to crush it. She reached home, relaxed, placed it on the floor and she had fun crushing it.

Lady B came home mad about what had happened in the office. She did not feel like talking to anyone and she knew she could not go back to the office the following day with her anger. She took some packs of yogurt from her fridge and she crushed them. She did this with her bare feet and she created a mess. But it helped her feel better and she calmed down.

Lady L enjoys crushing food. She likes to go about her fetish sequential. She loves to crush all kinds of food and today she was doing it to a watermelon. She crushed it with her high heels. She dig her heels in it until she split it. Then she created a mess as she stomped on it and crushed it. It was a lot of fun creating the mess with her heels.

Food crush is goddess Chanel's favorite pastime activity. She loves it because it does not hurt anyone. It helps to distract her and creates a mess for her slave to clean up. Today she crushed tomatoes with her high heel boots and when she was done, she took some more tomatoes and she crushed them using her bare feet. She left after she had created enough of a mess for her slave.

This mistress and her boyfriend had an argument and she was not happy about it. Her boyfriend apologized for what he had done and he went and bought her a cake to say sorry. But she was still mad and could not believe what he had done and said so she crushed the cake with her feet as he begged her to forgive him. She then made him lick it off her feet.

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