Madame Marissa was tired of crushing slaves. She was tired of the cries and everything about crushing losers and slaves. But she still loves her crush fetish and she did not want to give it up. She decided to do it with food. She threw tomatoes, zucchini as well as bananas and other vegetables on the floor and she crushed them. She enjoyed creating a mess on the floor and had a loser clean it up.

Mistresses Esther, Clarissa, Lorena and Rosie are friends. They love to meet every few weeks to just have fun among themselves. They like to do different things and usually have so much fun and they always look forward to them. They wanted to try food crush fetish today so they baked cakes and when they met, they had fun crushing them with their feet. They messed the floor and their feet and then tasted the cake from their feet.

This mistress is new to food crush. She wanted to try it and she was happy to do it. She went and bought cake and she had fun crushing it. She destroyed the food using her boots as she threw it down and she stomped on it. The cake was no match for her and she created a huge mess as she crushed and destroyed the cake she had bought.

Lady B was sent to get some mushrooms. But instead of taking them back to the house for them to be prepared for dinner, she crushed them for fun. She did not care about the food that was to be prepared. All she was interested in was the fun she was going to have and she had a lot of it. She crushed them with her boots before she threw them away.

Mistress Christin wanted to try food crush fetish. She had always seen it but it had never made sense to her. It was not until she was pissed and she had to take out her anger on the food she crushed that she realized it was actually quite effective as well as fun. She enjoyed it and she had fun making her slave clean up after her because of the mess she had created.

Lady B and lady Samira were rejoicing what had happened to them earlier in the day. They had won a competition they were involved in and had bought food to celebrate. The mistresses were so happy that instead of eating the cake, they found themselves crushing it with their high heels and creating a mess on the floor. They did not mind it since they knew they could get a slave or a loser to clean it.

Lady B is one mistress who loves to crush food. It gives her fun to do it and she does not have to worry about it making noise. She also does not feel guilty because she has been cruel to it the way other mistresses feel when they have crushed and tortured slaves and losers using high heels. She can do it anywhere and at any time she feels like.

Crushing food is this mistress' favorite pastime. She loves doing it any chance she gets and she prefers it to crushing slaves and losers because food cannot get hurt and it does not cry. She loves how powerful she feels when she crushes the food. Today she crushed vegetables using her golden mules. She made sure it was all a fine mess before she stopped crushing it with her mules.

Lady B was not happy with her friend. She had pissed her and to apologize, she ought her some fruit bears. She did not want to hear her apology through food. She wanted to hear it from her mouth. So she crushed them using her mules and made sure nothing was left of them before she told her to apologize with her own mouth if she wanted it to be over.

Mistress Christin bought new boots and she used them to enjoy her crush fetish. She used them to crush fruits. She wanted to pretend that her boots were a blender so she took the fruits and she mixed them together. She crushed all kinds of fruits to make cocktail juice using her feet and her boots. She managed to squeeze all the juice out of them and to make a fine paste.

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