This mistress' slave wanted some grapes. He had not eaten them in a while and he wanted to eat some today. The mistress bought them but before she gave them to him, he messed up and she had to punish him. She poured them in a big bucket and she crushed them with her feet. She then made him eat the crushed grapes as well as lick them from her feet.

Mistress Samira wanted to create a mess in her house so she crushed an apple and whipped cream. She wanted to do it so that her slave would have something to do. The house was clean and he had done all his chores but she did not want to see him seating idly. She wanted him to get busy and since there was nothing else she could make him do, she pretended it was an accident and he had to clean it up.

Lady B and mistress Christin have a crush fetish. Today they bought lots of cake for crushing. They did not want to eat them. Maybe taste them. But the main aim for buying them was to crush them and destroy them, which they did. They had fun creating a mess as they crushed the cakes but they did not worry about it as they had a slave who would clean it all up.

This mistress likes to crush stuff and today she was crushing food. She took some clementines and she crushed them with her BBW feet. They did not stand a chance against her weight and within a matter of minutes, she had squeezed them and crushed the juice out of them. She made a mess on the floor with pulp and juice on the floor. She called her friend and had him lick the mess.

This mistress loves cake. She loves all kinds of cake. She loves to bake them, she loves to buy them but most of all, she loves to eat them. Today she wanted to use a different style to eat them. She wanted to crush them and them eat them from her body. She sat on them and crushed them then she ate the ones stuck on her butt and on her pussy.

Mistress Larissa wanted fresh strawberries. The ones in her house were bought a few days ago and she did not want to eat them. She told her slave to make sure that anything that is eaten in the house is does not stay beyond a certain number of days, especially fruits. Mistress Larissa crushed them using her high heels and she made the slave lick the mess she had created.

Mistress Samira did not like the cookies her slave had made. She threw them on the floor and she crushed them with her boots. She ground them and the made him eat the crumbs on the floor. When he was done, she had him eat the ones on her shoe. The slave was so humiliated but he learned his lesson and he got a better recipe and made the ones she liked.

Goddess Chanel was not happy with the state of affairs in her house. She had found the house clean but not to her standards. She took out some bread and she crushed it with her high heels. She created a mess not only for her slave to clean, but also to punish him by forcing him to eat the bread from the floor. The poor guy had no choice but to eat it.

This mistress has a sexy ass and her boyfriend adores it. Today she wanted to be a little naughty. So she crushed cake with her ass and she let some of it get to her pussy as well. She then went to the bedroom and she told her boyfriend to lick the cake off of her ass and her pussy and he did it. He actually loved it and it led to great orgasms.

Lady B does not like fast food. She believes it is lazy food. When she went home, she found her slave had bought fast food instead of cooking. She was pissed and she threw the food on the floor. She crushed it with her heels and she made her slave eat the mess she had created. That was to teach her a lesson never to buy fast food in her house again.

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