Mistress Jana loves crushing things with her feet. She does not like to do it with her shoes like other mistresses do. She prefers to do it with her bare feet so she got this food on the floor and she made a paste with her bare feet as she crushed it with her feet. She had a lot of fun and it looked so yummy that she felt like eating it.

Madame Marissa was alone at home and she was bored. She did not feel like going out at all so she went online to check out what interesting things to do at home. She came across crush fetish and food crush fetish appealed to her more. She had a lot of it in her kitchen so she took some cucumbers , potatoes as well as radishes and she crushed them for fun.

Lady B did not have a slave to crush so she resorted to crushing food. She took some sausages and placed them on the floor. She then used her sneakers to crush them and destroy them. She felt great destroying them and wished it was a slave she made cry and beg for mercy. But she was satisfied with what she did to the sausages. She planned to do the same thing the following day.

Madame Svea loves to crush and to destroy. When she went to her fridge and she found some spoiled food, she naturally had to destroy it. She did not want to just throw it away but to destroy it before throwing it away. She used her boots to do the destruction. She crushed the oranges as well as the tomatoes and created a mess on the floor which her slave cleaned.

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