Lady B was tired of using her feet and her boots to crush things. She wanted to try something else to do it. So she took some cantaloupes and she used her car to crush them. She did not care what happened to them as long as she crushed them and she had fun doing it. That is what mattered to her. The cantaloupes did not stand a chance against her car. She had fun watching them get destroyed.

Mistress Patricia was not pleased with what she had seen from this loser. She had given him a task which he had convinced her that he was very qualified to do. She then found out he was not and she was mad. She punished him by crushing some food with her boots and making him eat it. He had no choice but to eat the food from the floor as well as from the soles of her boots.

Goddess Chanel took some chips and popcorn and she crushed them together. She used her high heels to do it. She did it on her backyard and she created a huge mess. She then called her slave and made him eat the floor from the ground. He had no choice but to do it. She laughed as she watched him do it and she even planned to do it again.

Mistress Samira and lady B chose to crush some bread and use it to torture their slave. They crushed 5 loaves of bread and created a mess on the floor which the slave was forced to clean with his mouth. He had to eat the bread from the floor and make sure there was no crumb on the floor. He was not allowed to drink anything with the bread.

Mistress Mary placed some tomatoes in her heels and she crushed them as she walked. She was looking for a way to humiliate her slave because she is a clean mistress and therefore her feet did not smell. She got her feet to stink and she made him lick her feet as well as the shoes. She also had him smell the shoes. He was degraded but he learned his lesson.

Madame Svea went out for a walk. Her aim was to get her boots as dirty as possible and then use them to punish her slave. She went out and crushed mushrooms and other plants with her boots. She then went back to the house and asked her slave to lick her boots. She told him that the food on her boots was what he was to eat for lunch.

Lady Vampira caged her slave in order to get the truth from him. She wanted to make him feel pain by getting him cramped in the little cage. She then gave him her dirty feet and told him to lick them. He did as she wanted and next, she gave him food she had crushed with her feet to eat. He even had to eat it off her bare feet.

Mistress Mona is a hot girl with a crazy fetish for crushing food. She likes to crush all kinds of food but today she was crushing marshmallows. She had never crushed them before and that was why she wanted to crush them today. She used her bare feet to do it and after she had crushed them and created a mess on her feet, she ate the mess she had created.

Lady B has a thing for crushing. She loves to crush anything she can and today she used her wooden mules to crush food she found on the side of the road as she took a walk. She did not have anywhere particular to go so she crushed them for fun and she did not notice how time flew as she crushed them. She had a great time nonetheless and had a lot of fun.

This mistress was bored so she tried anything and everything she could think of for fun. She took some tomatoes and she put them inside her high heels and she wore the heels. She crushed them as she walked and in as much as it was a silly thing to do, she had a lot of fun doing it. She enjoyed herself and she did it again and again till she got tired.

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