Mistress Stacy was into food crushing and she set out to crush all kinds of food. She felt like she could crush anything and everything. And that is how she ended up crushing all of them. The mistress today sought to crush strawberries. And she did it with her bare feet. And she also did it while her boyfriend watched. He ate the crushed strawberries from her bare feet and it turned out to be a catalyst for some naughty sex.

Mistress Cassandra does not like to repeat herself. And when this loser did not understand that part, she had to make sure he did. She took a ripe banana and she crushed it for him to eat. She did so with her feet in socks and she let him eat the mess. He tried to refuse but one look at him and he did as she had ordered him to do.

This hot mistress wanted to show off her crushing skills. She was known for flirting and teasing but she wanted to be known for much more than that. That is why she chose to use her high heels to crush some food and do it in a sexy and seductive manner. She flaunted her prowess and showed how she could use the same tactic to both scare and turn on a guy.

This mistress felt that she needed to do something to this loser. And that is why she chose to scare the shit out of him. The mistress used her boots to crush some apples and she warned him that if he was not careful, she would do the same to him. The mistress could see he was scared shitless and she knew that her scare tactic had worked as intended.

This mistress wanted to try something she had never done before. Whenever she has free time, that is what she likes to do. She chanced upon food crush clips as she was looking for interesting things to do and she took a pineapple outside and she used her boots to crush it. The mistress noticed that crush fetish was a lot of fun and she did it again and again.

Lady B came home and she found her slave baking a cake. She took it out of the oven and she crushed it in anger. She did not understand why he had not done what she had asked him but he was busy baking cakes. He was lucky she took out her anger on the cake and not on him personally. The scared slave rushed to do the right thing.

Mistress Jenny and lady Stefanie had never tried food crush fetish before and once they found about about it, they wanted to try it out immediately. So they went and bought fast food which they hated. They are healthy eaters and they do not eat fast food. So it was perfect for them to crush and destroy for fun. They filmed themselves doing it and realized it would be a great way to punish someone especially by making them eat the crushed food.

Mistress Luna was not pleased with her slave and she had to make sure things changed. So she crushed some food as he watched. He did not understand why she was doing it. But soon enough he found out that it was all because of him. She made him eat the crushed food from her heels as well as from the floor. He regretted pissing her off and promised to change.

Madame Marissa went and bought a lot of cakes. She bought about 30 cakes and the person selling thought she had a big celebration. But the truth was that she wanted to crush them for fun. She had never crushed that many before and she wanted to set a record for herself. She had a great time crushing them and when she was done, she made her slave eat the crushed cakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Princess Serena did not like the food her slave had prepared. He had baked a cake for her and it was nice and moist but it was not as tasty as she had hoped it would be. The mistress was so pissed and she expressed her frustration on it by crushing it with her high heels. She did it in his presence for him to see it and rectify the problem.

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